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    Don't read this if you're looking for an intelligent review

    By AlexJohnson6460, Oct 02, 2014

    So, I think Bleach's anime was decent - what I really fell in love with was the manga (I know, I know, this is supposed to be a review of the anime, but I honestly don't want to talk about that, so I wont). It drew me in immediately and I couldn't stop reading it; it actually played a major part in my life - I can recall so many memories of reading the paper-backs and Jump magazine for hours in my local library (What, I'm poor and can't afford the manga) when I was but a wee lad of somewhere around 12. That's literally how I spent much of my summers: reading manga. However, out of all those manga only several really ever stood out to me, including Bleach. Unfortunately, for reasons that I myself don't entirely remember or understand, I was forced to stop. That didn't stop me from getting all the way through Ichigo's defeat of the main antagonist, though. Years later I returned to the manga to discover that it had become almost completely shit - the author had finally and totally overused deus-ex machina, to the point that literally nothing surprised me any more. "Oh, Ichigo is facing a supremely powerful opponent? He's almost dead? Well, fuck that, obviously he's going to survive to save the day, Maybe, my issue, though, is not with Bleach specifically - maybe it's just this whole "good guy triumphs over bad guy magically" thing that seems to happen in almost all the shonen that i've read? I think what I've finally realized is that while the manga and anime are totally over-hyped that doesn't change the fact that they mean so much to me (Which is kind of pathetic, don't you think?). So, for those of you who've bothered to read this load of bullshit, thank you for listening and have a nice life. Also, my rating is for the manga more so than the anime.moreless

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    expected story phasing

    By kayenpot, Sep 05, 2014

    I loved it at first but then i got bored on the way how ichigo dies and then resurrected have only watched hundred and few episodes . I realized that i can always predict what will happen next.

    However i can also say that this anime is not so bad because it had science in its story too that also reflects japan's tradition of samurai's and various characters of different situations to relate to. Its just not my type of anime to watch there was that missing feeling of excitement in me whenever i watch.


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    A Sudden Realization

    By BlakeMcKenzie, Mar 26, 2014

    After being a devout fan of the series, I came to the realization that Bleach is actually a bad manga. Thus, this applies to the anime. It's the "so bad it's good" of anime. Soul Society arc was well written, but every thing after that is just redone version of it. The Gotei 13 are actually a weak organization and Yamato is a really bad leader. Even when Kubo explains some thing, it's complete and utter bullshit. Most of the time, it doesn't even make any sense. You're a fool if you think Bleach is deep, dark, and mysterious. You are just tricked into thinking so. This post will make some geeks flip their lid, but those of you need a take a realistic look at this series. I watched this from beginning to end. My opinion is more than valid.moreless

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    By vojinnsczdzelletovic, Mar 03, 2014

    your are one of the best and most popular anime sites pls lets write a petition or somethink like that for bleach to come back can u organise somethink like that?

    please try,we can send it to tokyio tv

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    Y BLEACH is awesome!

    By soul111, Jan 26, 2014

    BLEACH is one of the best anime in the .. Because in most of the episode it shows more review about the stories. If u dont want me to spoil then dont read this i honestly hate how ichigo gets stuck in the presentest world he wakes up and i think that a mod soul saved him because there would be no way there could be a present soul in there when he was dead and the scientist poisend the researcher he ate a soul candy and blocked his soul so if u want me to go on then lke and tell me bye....moreless

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    While I think it's a great anime

    By DisneyVillain, Sep 29, 2013

    It has a few flaws that keep it from being truly great.

    Filler arcs: A lot of anime have filler arcs that delay the main story and keep it running. I do not have a problem with that at all. however, these fillers are unlike anything I've ever seen. These filler arcs actually happen during a main story arc and are not even remotely canon with the series. The only filler arc I remember that never really did this was the Bount Arc.

    Filler Arc stories: Some of these arcs are excellent (even when they interrupt a main story arc) but some are single episodes that don't even make sense. Some of the episodes were even stupid, such as when they did those Halloween themed episodes.

    Continuing after the defeat of Aizen: Seriously, Aizen was an awesome villain and his defeat was perfect to conclude Bleach. After his defeat though, new enemies appeared and even before Aizen's defeat, I saw Bleach's quality decline, especially with the filler arcs.

    Other than all that, it is a great anime that had great action and comedy mixed into one. It also had great openings and music in it and a great cast of characters.moreless

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  • 8.5


    By deborahroton, Aug 22, 2013

    (There might be some spoilers

    I have to say I become very picky when it comes to things I watch. It has to have a good story line that makes a little sense, it has to have a good character line. I'm what I consider a witty person so I enjoy witty things. It's one of the many reasons why I enjoy this anime. It can go from being hilarious to serious almost instantly yet still give the show a serious feeling. Here are the things I especially like about it.

    1. The characters are amazing. My personal favorite happens to be Kisuke Urahara. He's the store owner who used to be a soul reaper himself. I feel he has an excellent character design from the voice actor to the personality to the way his character looks and acts. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character and one of the first you see. He also has a very good character design. He's serious but that's what makes him good for the anime. He's serious and he fits the part. When I first saw Rukia show up in the anime, I instantly thought I was going to hate her. She eventually (by eventually I mean, like, one episode later) grew to my liking. She became like a sister figure to Ichigo and even decided to live with him which I thought was a cool idea.

    2. The plot is amazing. I love the plot. It makes sense to me. When she first told Ichigo that he was to become a temporary soul reaper, I was at the edge of my seat. Normally things like that would be cheesy on television but this was actually really good to me. I like how they try to incorporate every character in any way they can. Like when they traveled to the soul society, I liked how each character continued their own stories until they all meet up, still keeping the humor buried under all the action. Kisuke wasn't in over half the season but I felt so happy when I saw him again towards the end.

    3. Now, this is the only thing I didn't like about the show. I felt like when it first started, they were finding any way they can to come up with something new. I felt it was too soon when they introduced the Menos Grande. I felt it was poorly planned.

    I really recommend this anime. It's so awesome!moreless

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  • 9.5


    By dragon666790, May 23, 2013

    I'm going to say it now: I'm an extremely picky person when it comes to anime. It has to have good art (What I consider good art), a good plot, and well made characters. So when I stumbled upon this anime, I wavered. This is not exactly the art I usually pick, but the plot intrigued me. I mean, is it everyday that you stumble across a plot including shinigamis? No. The answer is actually maybe, but it's not like super common. They are all about heros and crap like that. Anyway, I started watching and I was hooked. Despite the fact of my pickiness, this was GOOD. Good enough to have me watching an all nighter. Though I'm not finished (Episode 93 right now), I can confidently say this is a good anime to watch. (Evem though it is lagging at the episode where I am at, well, it will get better from what I If you need an anime to watch, try this one.moreless

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    bleach is awesome

    By alexalvaryo, May 20, 2013

    bleach is one of my favorit animes to watch. its the the best one yet

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    A great anime

    By starwars1234, May 04, 2013

    bleach is not a great anime, it is an awesome anime

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