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    Vicki is hired by a man suspicious that his wife is having an affair. Not long after, the wife is found dead, and the man is the prime suspect. However, Vicki learns that sexy gardener Emmanuel isn't what he seems after receiving a visit from an incubus.

    By cherrygummybear, Mar 12, 2012

    Thus far, this ep has got to be the best, though the series is still young and will get even better (let's hope). For the few episodes before this, I wanted to be Vicki just to be close to Henry, but throughout this ep, I wanted to be her even more. I mean, Henry *and* an incubus after her?? If I wasn't engaged to the most wonderful man on Earth, I'd be awfully tempted. Aside from that, the twist at the end was clever and definitely unexpected. Not to spoil anything, but having the killer be some other supernatural being than the incubus was pure genius.moreless

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  • 9.5

    A man hires Vicki to investigate his wife's infidelity. She gets more than she bargains for when first that women then another die at the hand of something very dangerous. Vicki, Henry, Mike, and Coreen come together to stop it before another death.

    By jyarter, Jun 09, 2009

    Great episode. This one kept you guessing until the very end. Good story, excellent dialogue and an interesting group of supporting characters. A couple of funny lines in this one so we see a bit of real humor injected into this story. When Vicki goes to see Henry after the weird lifelike dream she had she says, "I'm not much of a gambler." The humor in that is that her life is generally one gamble after another. Not sure if they meant that to be funny. Later on Henry is a little out of sorts when he can't get any information from any of the women involved with the Incubus. When they really discover it is an Incubus he feels much better as they already were under a demons spell which is why he couldn't get them to talk. I think he thought he was losing it.

    I admit I was suspicious of all those little figurines as in some civilizations those can be very powerful. The Incubus definitely threw you off though as you knew the women were involved with it. In the end the siren was taking whomever was the entity that someone was the most jealous of. Mike obviously is very jealous of Henry but sorry Siren no soul to take. That had to be a bit of a surprise.

    It was a good storyline but I have to admit if I believed in vampires I would think that they have to have souls of some kind even if they are dead or dead like. Just my own opinion from a writer of the paranormal standpoint. But for these purposes it furthered the storyline.

    Very entertaining television and definitely worth watching again. This show seems to be hitting its stride! Thanks for reading...moreless

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    A man hires Vicki to figure out if his wife is cheating on him. After she is found dead, the man becomes the prime suspect.

    By p38790, May 25, 2008

    This episode really hit some spots. It was sexy and hot. It hit intimate levels with the characters and from people i know who also watch the show it helped the audiance with their intimate sensations. I really enjoyed the part where Vicki thought it was Henry in her bed and when they are baiting the incubus and Henry kisses Vicki. The whole wives dying hit more of the sentimental part of the emotions. I really showed how much Mike and Henry both feel for Vicki especially when the jealouly demon attacks them because of well Vicki, Mike really got mad when he walked in on Henry kissing Vicki.moreless

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  • 7.3

    to many hot love triangles between 4 or 5 house wives and a gardner then another love triangle between a P.I, female a vampire and a cop. this is just the same as buffy the vampire slayer.

    By AJsok2003, Feb 27, 2008

    ok i will admit i don't watch the show i watch the show moonlight in my opinion is better but this episode was really hot for my taste. i was melting between henrys lust for viki i can very much tell he wants her. i can tell he wants to kiss her very badly but he respects her when his lust for her doesn't try to come near her. i really don't think that he could ever love her. she could love him but him, he could really use passion as love only for lust. and that is the same as buffy with angel, the commando dude and spike.moreless

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    A man hires Vicki to figure out if his wife is cheating on him. After she is found dead, the man is the prime suspect.

    By WolfTigerG, Jul 28, 2007

    In this episode we something a little different... but not really. In this episode we have a greater chance of seeing Henry and Mike in a confrontation, becasue now we have and incubus to add to the mix, but just for this episode. It appears as though the busy women of suburbs have learned a way to summon an incubus that brings them pleasure where their husbands can not. In this episode Vicki discovers that she loves both Mike and Henry but does not know who she really like or loves. She discovers this after interviewing the garderner, who also happens to be the incubus.moreless

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  • 9.4

    desperate housewives

    By QE-Zodak, May 30, 2007

    i'm glad kevin walked out on her at the bar after she was nasty. as beautiful as she is, her comment was uncalled for & i would have left too. the boys arguing with each other in this episode was really getting annoying but i guess it was a small price to pay to finally see vicki is as little clothing as possible. christina cox is in really good shape & i've always thought girls with glasses were hawt! so this episode was great. i was wondering why the women in the harem were not answering henry's questions & it was a good explanation. i loved when the vampire & the incubus were talking about how today's women don't appreciate romance. how true! the poetry did seem to work a little on vicki though. that was pretty funny. & she didn't push henry away when he stole that kiss.moreless

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  • 9.7

    Eye candy, witty dialogue, eye candy...what else can you ask for?

    By fruhlemariposa, Apr 20, 2007

    This episode just reaffirmed my choice to watch this show. The banter is deliciously funny and the various jealous feelings flying about are supremely entertaining to watch. Ditto with the extra eye candy in this episode. Also, what woman wouldn't want two handsome guys fighting for her attention? Henry has great growling skills, he should do that more often!

    Two scenes made me cringe because of their obvious "watch this show because I'm sexy" plug. Really, I doubt that it was hot enough to need pouring of water over yourself to cool down. Come on. It's Canada! Admittedly, I haven't had much experience with the weather there. But if it is shown in real time when it is still kinda chilly in the mid-east, then it is bound to be colder in Canada, right? The other scene was Vicky going to sleep to trap the incubus. She has three other people there...why is she just wearing a bra? I'm all for sexy body parts, just make it reasonable!moreless

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  • 8.9

    It wasn't what i thought it to be.The commercial made me thought it was going to sux.But since im a fan of cute guys and vamps., i decided why not.It would only take an hour of my time.This show was not as good as it can be but the banters are to die for.

    By defaultxkat, Apr 16, 2007

    This show was something completely different from what i thought it to be. At first glance while it aired on the commercial i thought that it was going to really sux but it turned out to be an okay episode after all. The part that i liked most was Henry's and Mike's remarks to each other. It's pretty funny. This show was in a way sort of made it interesting with two demons. The incubus was made to be the killer but towards near the end, the show showed another demon and person as the evil doer. So in the end, the twisted ending made it a pretty good show.moreless

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  • 8.0

    I thought that this episode was funny.

    By tvfem76, Apr 10, 2007

    I had reviewed this episode when it first aired and I have to admit I think I was too harsh. When I watched it again, I really enjoyed it. I really liked the moments between Vicki and Henry. They definitely have chemistry. I liked the fact that Coreen was actually involved in this case. Having two demons in this episode was a nice touch. With the various wives having affairs with Emmanuel this episode kind of had a Desperate Housewives feel. The audience did find out two things about Henry. He likes to golf and his influence on women does not always work. I can't wait until next week's episode. It looks good.moreless

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