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  • S 5 : Ep 22


    Aired 5/22/95

  • S 5 : Ep 21

    So Many Milestones, So Little Time

    Aired 5/22/95

  • S 5 : Ep 20

    You Say Tomato

    Aired 3/20/95

  • S 5 : Ep 19

    A Star is Bared

    Aired 3/13/95

  • S 5 : Ep 18

    The Departure

    Aired 3/6/95

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ted Wass

    Nick Russo

  • Joey Lawrence

    Joey Russo

  • Finola Hughes

    Carol (1994-1995)

  • Mayim Bialik

    Blossom Russo

  • Michael Stoyanov

    Anthony Russo

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  • Young Blossom must navigate teenage life in a house full of men after her mother abandons the family to pursue a singing career in Paris. With the guidance of her loving father, two older brothers (recovering substance abuser Anthony and goofball Joey) and her enthusiastic best friend Six, Blossom deals with the ups and downs of adolescent life intelligently, all while having as much fun as possible. Theme Song: "My Opinionation" written Mike Post and Steve Geyer, performed by Dr. John.moreless

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  • Quotes (63)

    • Blossom: Why is this happening to me? Six: Because you're blossoming Blossom!

    • Six: Blossom and I were talking about our love lives. Joey: That's like the Pope and Mr. Rogers talking about their love lives!

    • Nick: What the hell is going on here? You all look like dogs who have been in the garbage! Joey, did you flunk out of school? Joey: No. Nick: (to Anthony) Did you fall off the wagon? Anthony: No. Nick: (to Blossom) Are you pregnant?

    • Anthony: What's keeping you up nights? Blossom: A guilty conscience. Anthony: Anything you want to talk about? Blossom: You'll think I'm terrible. Anthony: Blossom, eight months ago, I was so high that the cops found me at 3 AM, trying to order a Big Mac and fries from an automatic teller machine. I'm not gonna throw any stones.

    • Nick: How you doing, Blossom? Blossom: Not so hot. I need your advice on a little dating matter. Nick: One's dating, one's driving. I'm in Daddy Hell!

    • Nick: I've really got to get to work, but we can talk about this tomorrow, okay? Blossom: Okay, Dad, but Fred really is a nerd. Nick: Great. I like nerds. They're sexually inhibited and usually make good drivers.

    • Joey: (flirting with a girl at Anthony's doughnut shop) Okay, 18 bucks to watch, and I'll throw in my skateboard. And I promise, I won't take up much of your time. Bambi: Hey, Tony, you know this guy? Anthony: Yeah, a little. Bambi: He's about to find himself in some hot water. Joey: Whoa. A jacuzzi!

    • Nick: (about kicking Anthony out of the house) Have you ever heard of something called tough love? Joey: Dad, I swear those aren't my magazines. Vinnie hid them under my bed! Nick: No. No. You see, Joe, whenever Anthony got in trouble, I bailed him out. With the police, with school, with your mother. When he bounced a check, I covered for him. I never let him suffer the consequences of his actions. Blossom: Isn't that what parents are supposed to do? Nick: Parents are supposed to help you grow up. And that's just what I'm doing.

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    Notes (33)

    • The show was originally titled Richie. It was designed to include the exact same characters and general storyline, only it would center around Joey Lawrence's character, and it would be like a sitcom version of the book Catcher in the Rye. The network liked the idea, but an NBC executive suggested that they focus on the youngest daughter instead. So that's the way it ended up, and the middle son's name was changed to Joey.

    • Blossom's parents started out with the names Terry and Barbara, but starting with the second episode, it was changed to Nick and Madolyn.

    • In the pilot, the younger of Blossom's elder brothers was called Donnie. In the series he was renamed Joey. Both were played by Joey Lawrence.

    • In the episode, Richard Masur (Terry Russo) and Barrie Youngfellow (Barbara Russo) also known as Blossom's parents are played by different actors.

    • Theme song "My Opinionation" performed by Dr. John.

    • This episode has Stephen Dorff as Bobby Joey's friend that goes to college and dates Blossom. However in later episodes his character name is changed to Ricky and he is played by a different actor.

    • Mayim Bialik and Johnny Galecki (who made a guest appearance in this episode) would later star together in The Big Bang Theory.

    • Estelle Getty crosses over in her character from The Golden Girls.

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    Trivia (7)

    • Justin Whalin played a character "Wally Zimmerman" in this episode.He would later go on to return several more times as other characters.

    • "Bobby" played by Stephen Dorff in this episode is a character they allude to in the season finale with a new name and a new actor. They introduce him as Blossom's boyfriend from college "Ricky" played by a different actor in "Love Stinks!"

    • We can assume that the boy who breaks up with Blossom is the same young man she met in the second episode of the series, My Sister's Keeper. In both episodes, it is mentioned that Joey introduced Blossom to him, and that he was going away to college soon. In this episode, however, his name is Ricky, but he was Bobby before, and he was played by a different actor. Furthermore, throughout the season, it was never said that Blossom was maintaining a long-distance relationship with this guy while he was away at college.

    • Almost the entire episode (with the exception of about three minutes) was filmed in black and white. The laugh track was not used at all for the black and white segments.

    • In the first scene, Joey and Blossom are wearing the same clothes they had on in Running for the Border, which aired two episodes before this one. Blossom is also wearing her hair the exact same way. It is very possible that this is a deleted scene from that episode, and they used it here instead.

    • In the final scene, Nick is making a frozen pizza, and Blossom suggests instead that they go out for dinner, just the two of them. Then Anthony and Joey come in to eat the pizza, but none of this makes any sense. First of all, Nick, Blossom, Anthony, and Joey are all wearing the same clothes they had on in previous scenes, so we can assume it's that same night. If that's true, then why would they go out to eat when Nick and Joey had already been out at a restaurant earlier that evening? Also, Blossom went to the hospital to see Vinnie late at night, and she stayed for a long time, so it should have been close to morning by the time she got back, not dinnertime.

    • In the scene where Kennedy comes into Blossom's bedroom to ask her why she's appearing naked in a movie, Kennedy is not speaking in her usual English accent. The young actress slipped in and out of the accent on more than one occasion throughout the season, but it was especially noticeable here.

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    Allusions (14)

    • Blossom: You were right, Six. He likes me. He really, really likes me! Six: Please. You sound like Sally Field! Sally Field is a popular American actress. When she won an Academy Award in 1985 for her work in the film Places in the Heart, the most memorable part of her acceptance speech was when she said, "You like me! You really, really like me!"

    • This episode is an allusion to Memorex, the recordable cassette media made popular in the 1980's.

    • This episode is an allusion to the song "Thanks for the Memory", which is from the 1938 film The Big Broadcast of 1938.

    • This episode title is an allusion to Van Halen's 1984 song "Hot for Teacher", which is from their 1984 album 1984

    • This episode is an allusion to the Everly Brothers' 1957 hit "Wake Up Little Susie".

    • Anthony: There's absolutely nothing bothering me...except the continuing success of Full House. Full House was a family-friendly sitcom from the late 1980's and early 1990's, about a widowed man who raised his three daughters with the help of his best friend and brother-in-law. The series ran for eight years, and although it drew in a very loyal fan base, the critics tore it to shreds for being cheesy and depicting a nearly perfect family. They had just begun their sixth season when this episode of Blossom aired.

    • Blossom: (about Vinnie's alcohol-ridden past) You were 12? Vinnie: Yeah, well, Drew Barrymore was my idol. Still is. Drew Barrymore is an American actress who developed intense drug and alcohol problems when she was still a child. She eventually cleaned up her act and became a successful, well-adjusted adult film star.

    • This episode title is an allusion to R.E.M.'s 1991 hit "Losing My Religion", which is from their 1991 album Out of Time.

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