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    By BettyBuffett, 2 hours ago

    BLUEBLOODS is the BEST show on cable TV at present, not including PBS programs. I started watching it several seasons ago. Tom Selleck deserves Emmy consideration, as he portrays his position as the commissioner very well. He looks at all angles, and I disagree that the plots are easy to figure out. I think he is very respectful of the cops under him, and tries to be fair with all. I think he has real feelings for the people he deals with, but realizes that he still needs to maintain his position and follow his head as well as his heart. Great job Tom, and all the others in the cast. I love the Catholic sideline, and the family knowing that the Church isn't perfect, and makes mistakes, which is noted at times on the show. I hope they don't cancel this show, but of course like any other long running program, story lines run out, and hopefully the quality of each episode stays up to par. It's just a great show; I have no complaints at all !!!!!!!moreless

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    EPISODE: Double Episodes+1

    By DonaldDack, 2 days ago

    REVIEW FOR 5/1/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Art of War. This episode was part 2 or 2. The last episode ended with shots fired in the hospital. Tonight, we found out that Linda got caught in the cross fire and was severely wounded. Of course, Danny went ballistic at the news. Now the really want to catch the shooter and the gang boss that order the shootings. But, the one person standing in the Danny way is Erin, making sure all the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed. Not the Danny way. He does catch to shooter, but he won't talk, fearing for his mother's life. Finally, with a little make up on his mother, he is persuaded to give up the boss who ordered the hits. The final scene was outstanding. When Frank visited the boss in jail and talked about the murders, and advised his that the NYPD Chief's murder that started all this, was going to lead the boss to a federal trial and the chamber. That really took the smirk off his face. REVIEW FOR 4/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: New Rules. An old friend and also a NYPD Chief visits Frank. Later that night, he and his wife are gunned down. This man was one of the good guys and Frank wants everything done by the book to ensure no slip ups. Danny gets caught in the middle when Erin is posted in his squad room to make sure all the rules are followed. Danny really loves that. Another man who may know about the murder is in the hospital with Linda being one of her nurses. A young man, a friend of the family, get caught up in the gang pressure and tries to kill the hospitalized man. This show end with shot being fired. Part 1 of 2 parts. REVIEW FOR 4/17/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Excessive Force. This was a rerun of the episode that aired on 10/17/2014. The only thing I can say about this episode was Mister Evil; Potter was on his hate rampage again. And the actor really fits the part. All his images spur hatred. In the real world, he would be one of the forces that the world should be fighting. One key downer in the episode was the movement of Danny's boss, Sgt. Gormley. That left a big hole in the squad that hasn't been filled properly to this day. REVIEW FOR 3/14/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Bad Company. The show starts with a young lady, Sarah, visiting Frank. She was the victim of a brutal family slaying and just received a letter from the imprisoned killer. Frank has been close to her all this time. She is getting married and wants Frank to walk her down the aisle. But, she also wants to confront the killer. With Franks help, Sarah is very strong in the meeting, giving no sympathy. ERIN. Erin sees Henry has a female companion, but Erin is uncomfortable with her. After a check, she finds the lady is wanted out of state. She tells Henry and with his help, is turned in. DANNY, JAMIE and JANKO. Young foreign women are being picked up and forced into prostitution. Janko volunteers to go under cover. Things almost go wrong, but with the help of a toilet tank cover, all turns out ok. Foot note. Nicki continuers to show her lack of the real world. She believes any criminal can change, even the killer in Sarah's case. Starts with Jamie defend and your female officer that testified against her wrong doing partner. The mental set of both his fellow officers in blue and his partner, Janko, turns ugly. Not until she takes a bullet in a shootout does Janko see the light. But the display from some of the other cops was low class at best. Even to potty mouth from grandpa was poor taste. As for Danny, he was thinking with his brain, just his mouth. Erin did the right thing and thank god, left a bitter taste in Danny's mouth. Still a 7+ rating but tainted with sour grapes.moreless

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    blue bloods

    By haughtmichele, Apr 24, 2015

    I just started watching Ble Bloodsthanks to my m and I am hooked, I love the stories, writing, action, Donny Walbuger plays his role so believeable it's crazy, I love the whole cast, the praying at the dinner table all of it. Now we have netflix and we are watching a marathon

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    my favorite

    By andreajones31, Apr 15, 2015

    Blue Blood is my favorite show. It is a great family show. I love the ENTIRE cast, but Danny is my favorite. A faithful and loving husband,an excellent father,son,brother and detective. He is protective of and stands up for his family and his partner. And I heard that he is a musician/singer in addition to being an actor. Will there any new episodes made. I want to see more.

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    Best TV show on these days!

    By JEFFLISTMAN, Mar 30, 2015

    This is the best TV show on because you always feel good after each episode. There should be more show like this on TV. It has strong family values, no bad language, just good clean entertainment. CBS has hit a home run with is show and should leave it in their schedule for years.

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  • 9.5

    Great family show

    By tmac4627, Mar 29, 2015

    always feel good after I see a Blue Bloods show, good feeling show

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    LOVE This Show

    By sharshar25, Mar 09, 2015

    This is one of my favourite shows on TV at the moment. I hang out all week for it.

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    My favorite Gal

    By sandeesdandees, Feb 07, 2015

    Jennifer Esposito was great in this show. What happened to her? She played that part to the "T". The gal that plays Niki (Simi Gayle) is the worse. Take her off. Otherwise, this is the greatest show ever!

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    Could quite possibly be the best series currently on TV!

    By TheoldphartTheoldphart, Feb 02, 2015

    There are only three shows that I regularly watch and Blue Bloods sits at the very top of that short list. It is well written and directed. The acting is superb across the board. Tom Selleck is his normal flawless self but the fact that every other regular cast member is great doesn't hurt either. The combination of actors, writers, producers, and directors on this series simply cannot be improved upon. I think I'd hold-off dying an hour just so I could watch one more episode of Blue Bloods.moreless

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    Praise the Lord and pass the potatoes!

    By shirleycoyne10, Jan 31, 2015

    Love this show! Never miss it. BUT, I am bothered at meal time! Although they say "Grace before Meals" on a regular basis, like all good Catholic families should, they are not saying it correctly.

    It should be:

    "Bless us Oh Lord, AND these thy gifts which we are about to

    They say:

    "Bless us Oh Lord, FOR these thy gifts which we are about to

    Please correct this annoying error.moreless

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