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    What Happened to the Show

    By coacharnold, Nov 23, 2015

    I'm getting a little sick of the way College Liberal Arts students who belong to political groups as crazy and intolerant. The writing on this show has gone off the rails. It's so unbelievably obvious that there is a political agenda being run through this show. It's getting incrediby frustrating to watch this show, that only last season I was waiting every week for a new episode ....

    It's not just the politics, but the portrayal of how police do work. In a MILLION years the things that Danny does wouldn't be allowed for even a single daymoreless

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    partners :(

    By hustoncm26, Nov 16, 2015

    I love this show, but have a hard time watching it lately! Both Danny's and Jamies Partners just don't work for me. Danny's partner with that pissy look all the time makes me want to slap her. And Jamie's partner is not believable at all! The show will suck if you have those two hook up.

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    Entertaining, but rediculously inaccurate

    By JohnSmith7633, Oct 16, 2015

    It's hard not to laugh when the detectives are interrogating a suspect. No detective would ever be so abrasive or confrontational, while trying to get a confession.

    And a guy like Danny Reagan has no business carrying a gun. When are they going to write the episode where he flips out and beats a J walker to death? He constantly breaks the law, which is okay, because he's a cop?

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    The last minute for Garrett

    By BobbieBurnett, Oct 10, 2015

    Season 6, Episode 3 - There is not a much bigger Blue Bloods fan than I am. Watching every episode is a must for me. I love all the characters and yes, I do have my favorites. But Garrett is not one of them. In this episode I was hoping right up to the last minute that he was going to be gone. But no. I guess the tension between him and Frank is necessary to the drama but I've lost count of how many times I just grit my teeth when Garret is in the scene. than on Blue Bloods. I love ya!moreless

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    Best show lately

    By MariaBazail, Oct 08, 2015

    I love this show not only for the Drama but for all the cast they are wonderful, but what I did not like the other day in one of the oficces there was a picture of a murderer Che Quevara, he is or was a horrible person that kill thousands of people in Cuba and I sure in other countries believe me he was a Terorist, trust me Iam a 71 year od Cuban I came with my parents in 1960 I knew Castros mother and she will say my son is crazy Batista had just release him from jail because a a big shot priest had had to do with the release. Fidel Castro and his brother are the same as murderes as Quevara, so please ask Tom Select to take away the picture of, I am Cuban and it wil gve me pleasure in seing that taken care of it,moreless

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    Good Show but the bible thumping is too much

    By dbag, Oct 03, 2015

    Too much emphasis on the Catholic church and the fact that the Reagan family holds high moral ground over everyone,

    Time for me to pull the plug on the show,

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    Is Blue Bloods Islamophobic?

    By violetteblumenthal9, Sep 30, 2015

    The last segment of TV's "Blue Bloods" on 9-25-15 missed a chance to strike a blow against Islamophobia. A terrorist attack was thwarted by two good Muslims. Those two were not treated well in the episode (I know the police have to be a little rough on people reporting potential threats to make certain the "whistle-blowers" are genuine) and were not thanked at or near the end for being good people and for being pivotal in stopping the attack?? "Blue Bloods" missed a real opportunity here to acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims hate terrorism as much as anybody else. And I'm saying this as a Jewish-American.


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    It's good; could be better

    By IsaiahReimer, Sep 28, 2015

    I like blue bloods and I think it gives us an interesting perspective from all aspects of the law, which is nice. I like that they criticize race baiters, drug dealers, corrupt cops etc. However, I wish it was less PC. I understand looking at a broad spectrum, and I have no problem with gays, trans people or whatever. However, constantly putting these asshole new dicks against these weak small women so Danny can go punch them gets a bit old. I wish that there were woman perps. Not every woman is a victim and not every man is an asshole. So yeah, good show, starting to feel a bit stale but still good.moreless

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    By DianeWard, Sep 19, 2015

    Get rid of Janko. Her character whines badly & acts line a hussy (to put it nicely). Jamie is better off with hus partner at work either being a guy or a much stronger woman character. Janko's character acts too immature. Please get him a stronger partner, & don't ruin the show by having Jaimie & Janko end up being more than intimate. I'm not the only one that feels that way. Lits of the people i know who watch BB agree. If Janko stays & becomes more than Jamie's friend, i may have to stop watching. It will ruin the show for me.moreless

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    EGO's galore and an AMEN too.

    By JimC39, Aug 13, 2015

    Wahlberg and Trump is the same room. Never happen. There is no room on earth that could hold both of these egotistical J A's in the same room. I can not stand him. Amen Ruth, these people have no idea about the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

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