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    BOB is more of a slack off than a builder

    By nick9896, Aug 12, 2014

    HIT Entertaiment has failed with this show. All bob does is sit on his lazy butt while the talking and moving construction machines do the dirty work. The show is supposed to be educational however it really isn't how on earth is this educational. Talking construction equipment combined with a lazy bum = no educational value whatsoever. What's next a 3 year old after watching this thinks that being lazy when your older and working is ok? Or even worse a 3 year old thinks vehicles talk in real life for example.

    Little kid Hi Ford Excursion how are you.

    Ford Excursion No response beacause cars in real life don't talk!


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    Great show for kids 2 to 5

    By BobTheBuilderFan, May 09, 2014

    Shame about the reviews below. Bob the Builder is a great show that teaches kids the importance of community and lessons on how to work together.

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    Bob the Lazy Ass Builder!

    By BiggestSpongebobFan, Feb 17, 2014

    Why do people like this show? Bob is not the builder here! It's his talking machines! And plus, machines don't talk! Wow! This show will teach kids to talk to their own cars! But the cars don't talk! Well, I'm not talking to my Dad's Mustang! The voices are annoying! I want to erase their faces using the magic pencil that the artist at sea used from Spongebob! "I AM SPONGEBOB, DESTROYER OF EVIL!!!"

    I really don't like the theme song! It got stuck in my head ever since I started to watch this show at my grandfather's house! It's annoying! This show should have a lower rating that 5.6! While his machines do all the work for Lazy Ass Bob, he just talks on the phone and sits around. Now Bob is a Lazy Ass Builder! Do not watch this show and watch something more educational like Thomas the Tank Engine!moreless

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    Bob the Slacker. CAN WE FIX IT? NO WE CAN'T

    By Oldnickolodeon34, Dec 10, 2013

    Bob the Builder has to be one of the worst kid shows ever. Last time I checked there had to be educational value in a childrens show that's meant for toddlers. What's so educational about this? All Bob does is sit on his lazy ass all day while his machines do all the work for him. Seriously, that's educational? The claymation looks decent, but it can be choppy from time to time. Bob is a bad role model for kids because he encourages children to be lazy and let people do everything for you. If you want a better PBS Kids show that's actually education, then go check out Sesame Street or Arthur. Rating: 2.0/10moreless

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    By xxxxxxxxx, Mar 03, 2013


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    By DSEF, Dec 24, 2012

    hay kids car's trucks cant talk it's just a SHOW SO WHY MAKE THIS WHEN ALL BOB DOES IT'S JUST SIT'S THERE LIKE A PUSSY

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  • 1.5

    Bob the brain destroyer.

    By DreadAngelus, Jul 06, 2012


    Plot: Bob the Builder, who always help the citizens around by fixing their homes with those anthropomorphic vehicles around him. He builds stuff and anything. But the problem is, he's really not the builder in this show, he doesn't work that much and only does few and simple things, why is he called a builder when he does nothing?

    Characters: Those anthropomorphic vehicles needs to go and be manual, so Bob can go back to work and stop his lazy habit. The scarecrow needs to be shooed out of this show, he's useless. Wendy is also lazy as him, and to me, I always see Wendy having habits of going her way out of the TV screen. Huh. And the voices are annoying, but the dialogue is fine.

    Humor/Education Value: No humor, (Are they even aiming for jokes and laughs?) No education value. Not the right time to teach kids build homes. Also showing kids on how to talk on vehicles is a disastrous setback. And showing how lazy Bob is won't help. I wish Bob The Builder gets kicked out of this show only to be replaced by Bob Vila. Hurray! That would make it more educational! Haha.

    Art: Art is very good, since it's somewhat more complicated than CGI or drawings, and it's the only one that is educational in this show, and their animation, it's good.

    Overall: 1.5. This show needs to be forgotten and be reincarnated to an art show, or to be just PLAIN cancelled. They can renew it if they're going to replace Bob The Lazy Builder with Bob Vila! It would do good, trust me!moreless

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    Bob the Builder is easily one of the WORST, Stupidest and most Annoying Educational cartoons ever in TV history!

    By BlueMario1016, May 04, 2012

    My 52nd after another Bad Nelvana Cartoon: "6teen"

    This cartoon is a Disgrace to Hit Entertainment, and Nick Jr! Nick Jr AND Hit Entertainment has a LOT of bad shows. Bob the Builder is Stupid people! ..And what the heck? Cars that can talk? No way! Those trucks are Stupid too! Here's my Anti-song for Bob the Builder haters. You gonna sing this song. It will be the Funniest song you'll have ever Hear! BOB THE BUILDER! Can we Kill him? BOB THE BUILDER, YES WE CAN!!!!!!! He's way to annoying because he's too lazy,

    We can let him die in fire in Half to Death! Bob is almost dead, because he Barbaqued, One last thing to do is throw him out, BOB THE BUILDER! Is he annoying? BOB THE BUILDER! Yes he is! We charge our hands to twist him around the block, Wait until he's dizzy and VERY sick, Throw him as far you can to keep him away, We'll throw him so far, he'll NEVER come back! BOB THE BUILDER! Is he dead now? BOB THE BUILDER! Yes, He's Dead!!!!!!!

    The Grade I'm giving this. Oh! This cartoon is Definitely getting an F--! Here the Results: Voice-acting: F-- 0.0/10.0 Annoying.

    Animation: C+ 6.5/10.0 oh come on. it's Clay Animated. If you want to watch a Better Clay-animated show, go watch Robot Chicken Instead! Graphics: F-- 2.8/10.0 AWFUL!! That's what made the cartoon Terrible in the first place! It makes the Chracthers Ugly as Freak!!!

    Sound: F-- 0.0/10.0 One of the Worst Theme songs EVER! No wonder why so many people are ranting about the song on their reviews on this site! Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 The most Brainless scripts in a Educational cartoon EVER!

    Educational Value: E 3.0/10.0 There is no good Educational value in this cartoon, AT ALL. It teaches kids how to make a Mess, Be Lazy like bob, (and he's truly lazy and he's talks on the dang cell-phone all day, while everyone does the work,) Talk to cars, Even Marry them! Oh! Ok! I'll talk to my Parent's Nissan Car and Marry it too! DUH!!!!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 totally None. This cartoon is Garbage. Overall: F-- 1.8/10.0 First they showed it on nick jr in the Late 1999 in the USA and now PBS kids is re-running it and making more epiosdes! Cancel it s soon as Possbile!moreless

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    This show is the worst TV show in the world!

    By Spongeyfan, Mar 22, 2012

    OK,this is my update from my old Bob the builder review which i believe i thought i was spamming but this is the more mature one not as in swearing but as in speaking clearly. OK why the heck is this show popular worldwide i hate it it's for babies and his machines talk which is bad for children i also hate the theme song this is the reason why i hate Neil Morrisey the way he acts as Bob and that he speaks the theme song i can't believe they did a single of his theme song it was god awful i started hearing it on the radio and it beat Eminem to number one in the UK which sucks i can't believe even grown ups like this show this show should be banned from the UK and the USA and many other counturies also he became a gay icon in the UK which is good because i think he is gaymoreless

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