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    Hey it's-a Bababa-ba ba-baba! Not to be confused with Bo-bobo's older bro. Stay tuned for the review of Bababa-ba ba-baba! The Honorable King Nosehair. Ya dig!

    By Mother3_GBA, Sep 16, 2006

    Package for you. Hot Review delivery Service. A review for little, old me? I'm gonna need you to keep typing. Certainly! I said I wanted a review, not Don Patch! Oh well, I'll keep typing.

    Don Patch is back and it looks like he has a graduation day to attend. Don Patch left his lunch and guess who had to bring it? NO, not Beauty, you dummy! Bo-bo'fro, of course... and his stuffed bear friends. They're comin' in the school. Wait, calm down! They're only bears stuffed with beans. Don Patch wants Bo-bobo out, but he ain't going out, no sir. He doesn't want to miss Donny's little graduation, no wait, he's in the graduation! Don Patch graduated. This calls for more typing, shall we?

    Don Patch finally joins Bo-bobo's group. Bo-bobo attacks Don Patch just because.. because.. Don Patch ate his tator tot! Mmm, tator tots, tator tots! And Beauty begins anger management class Tuesday. Bo-bobo goes out to get some food and what did he find? A big, bald guy. Wait, he's a Hair Hunt Troop? Look's like a fight's comin' up. Stay tuned!

    Kodebun is his name. Fishing is his game. He can read minds, you say? Than, he would know, I'll keep typing this review, fo' show. Hey look, a Bo-bobo meeting! It looks like the boogies inside Bo's nose are waiting for the arrival of Bababa-ba ba-baba! The Honorable King Nosehair, just like the name of this episode! The King finally comes out and blocks Kodebun's attack. Now, Ba-baba go fufill your dream. Go ride your bike in France! Go! Kodebun is defeated by Bo-bobo's Snot fo' you attack. Now, let's go ride bikes, shall we?

    This was another fine episode and I really enjoyed it.moreless

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    And I mean in a good way.

    By Magnatoon, Oct 28, 2005

    This episode, I think, is the funiest so far that I've seen. More randomness than ever and I felt that it lasted a good long time. Bo-bobo tank was funny and the Don Patch and Bo-bobo combo jokes were really funny. I'm glad I saw an episode with Don Pacth in it.

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  • 9.8

    It just keeps getting better and better....XD

    By cocomandy16, Oct 25, 2005

    This episode was hilarious. I enjoyed the whole thing. The return of Don Patch was brilliant. Don and Bobo-bo have many hilarious scenes together (Bo-bobo “ Pssst....pssst...I have the perfect eraser...” Don “The perfect eraser!?” *you see them running to each other in a romantic fashion and the next thing you know...* Don “GET OUT!”*as he kicks Bo-bobo out*) Ba-baba’s scene was rather short, the last thing I expected was for Bobo-bo to just pluck him XD...The bike thing in the end was rather random:-P, though I seem to have amnesia for the few minutes of the fight scene(all I remember of it was that he used his attack ‘snot for you’) The scene with Bobo-bo becoming a tank and shooting at Don was so random, the randomness of this show always surprises me!, “He ate my tater tots!” I suggest this episode to anyone who loves the show Bobo-bo our loves random humor :-P...^^ sorry for my never ending rant I really enjoyed this episodemoreless

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  • 9.0

    This show just keeps on getting more stupid and random, it's HI-larious!

    By Apocali, Oct 24, 2005

    This episode made me laugh constantly from the sheer randomness of Don Patch's graduation day to Bobobo facing off with another one of the Hairhunters and the quick and near pointless (but hilarious nevertheless) of King Nosehair.

    This episode was hilarious, hopefully future episodes will be just as good or even better, I'll be definitely be watching this show.

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