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Hatenko the Hunk Has the Key to Your Heart!

Season 1, Ep 22, Aired 3/18/06
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  • Episode Description
  • After Captain Battleship has finally been defeated by Bo-BoBo, he and the rest of the gang meet with a strange guy named Hatenko, and has the ability to "lock" a person's heart. At first, Bo-BoBo is confused and wonders who he is, but after Hatenko reveals his Fist of the Key attack, Bo-BoBo remembers who he is. And after some brief history of how Hatenko and Don Patch, who he knew as The Don, first met, the whole gang heads over to Iguana Village after seeing three members from the Hair Hunt Troop fly in the sky. Their leader reveals himself to be Kittypoo, one of the Chrome Dome Empire's big four. But when Don Patch suddenly reveals his great power by defeating the three Hair Hunt Troop members, we're left wondering where he got it from.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Brad MacDonald


  • Kirk Thornton

    Don Patch

  • Michael McConnohie


  • Paul St. Peter

    Captain Battleship

  • Philece Sampler


  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • I'm sorry, did Hatenko praise Don patch, or is he praising the Don?

    By MichaelRender, Mar 22, 2006

  • This episode was one of the funniest. It introduced one new characters.

    By nicktheman6, Mar 19, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (17)

    • Shy Chocolate: I won't force you. Kitty Poo: Good. Then I'm trying you. Shy Chocolate: You don't have to, really. Angry Chocolate: You're gonna be sorry! Angry Chocolate #2: Yeah! Kitty Poo: Nobody tells Me what to eat, especially when it comes to chocolate.

    • Don Patch: You know, I'm disappointed you never asked me about my scar. Bo-BoBo: I've been meaning to ask you about that since episode one! Beauty: That's baloney! He didn't have that scar in the first show! Narrator: Pop quiz. Did Don Patch have that scar at the start of the series, or did he get it last night tripping out of the bathtub? Does he ever bathe? Does it have anything to do with his secret power?

    • Narrator: (to tennis players) Beginners, listen up. When you get a lobbed ball, return it with an overhead smash, not on the head.

    • Don Patch: Did Bo-BoBo just moon me? How impolite.

    • Don Patch: (in the sky, as the sun) Hot, hot hot. Some like it hot. Beauty: What?! He turned into the sun?! Don Patch: Everything revolves around me. Such a warm feeling. Gasser: That's some hot gas! Don Patch: From now on, call me Ray.

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    Notes (8)

    • Hatenko's Fist of the Key Attack is called "Kagi Shinken" in Japanese.

    • Original Japanese Title: "Enter the Mysterious Cool Guy! I'll LOCK Up Your Heart!!"

    • Bo-BoBo didn't fight at all in this episode.

    • Four more Hair Hunt Troop members are introduced: Boss Bob (M-Block Leader), Kittypoo (leader and 2nd of the Four Heavenly Kings), Chocolate Munchie, and Lemon Fizz.

    • Even though he briefly appeared in the previous episode, Hatenko is officially introduced in this episode. He reveals that he knows the Fist of the Key attack, which "locks" a person's heart, leaving them immobilized for a few days.

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    Trivia (5)

    • The name of the town that Kitty Poo is taking over is called Iguana Village in the original series.

    • In the Japanese version of the anime, when Hatenko gave the letter to Lemon Fizz (or her original name, Lamune), he was asking her to give back volume 5 of the Bo-BoBo manga (not episode 5 of the TV show like in the dub). Both Hatenko and Lemon Fizz/Lamune appeared in volume 5 of the manga. Consequently, in the manga version of this scene, Hatenko asked her to return volume 15 of Saint Seiya (a.k.a. Knights of the Zodiac), which is a Weekly Shonen Jump manga like Bo-BoBo.

    • Originally in the manga, Chocolate Munchie was a cigarette box instead of a box of chocolates. His name in the manga was Kinen (or "No Smoking").

    • When Don Patch reveals his scar, Bo-BoBo says he's been meaning to ask him since episode 1, to which Beauty correctly says he didn't have it in that episode. However, Don Patch wasn't officially introduced into the series until episode 2. He was introduced at the end of episode 1, but looked seriously wiped out.

    • Unlike previous episodes, Bo-BoBo reads the title card for this episode without saying the episode number.

    Allusions (3)

    • Hatenko: Name In Japanese, "Hatenko" means "unprecedented."

    • Lemon Fizz: Japanese Name The original name of Lemon Fizz, Kittypoo's female subordinate, is Lamune, which is the name of a Japanese lemon soda.

    • Kittypoo: Frieza The Hair Hunt Troop member of the Big 4, Kittypoo, is an obvious reference/parody of Frieza from the Dragon Ball Z series.

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