Pasta... the Perfect Food!

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    Hah,another random and funny episode of Bo-boboXD...

    By cocomandy16, Jan 17, 2011

    Ah yes this was a very funny episode. The pasta theme was very funny...When I was watching this episode every time the Pasta Guru became all serious and say\"one more thing\" I would forget all about the fact that he was just going to say \"one more ride on the pasta slide!\"hah...Hmmmm...\"Pasta my OTHER weakness\" I still kind of wonder what his first weakness was XD Gosh...These episodes get stanger and stranger by the episode but in a good way :P hah... I certainly hope that Bo-bobo lasts for a good long while me and some of my friends really enjoy it ...some people think we\'re nuts for liking it but it doesn\'t matter^^


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