Body Language

CBS (ended 1986)
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  • S 3 : Ep 3


    Aired 1/3/86

  • S 3 : Ep 0


    Aired 1/2/86

  • S 3 : Ep 0


    Aired 1/1/86

  • S 2 : Ep 0


    Aired 12/13/85

  • S 2 : Ep 0


    Aired 11/15/85

  • Cast & Crew
  • Gene Wood

    Substitute Announcer (1985-1986)

  • Johnny Olson

    Announcer (1984-1985)

  • Tom Kennedy (III)


  • Bob Hilton

    Substitute Announcer (1985)

  • Markie Post

  • show Description
  • Not well known because it used to air on CBS at 4:00 P.M. ET, when some affiliates broke for local programming, Body Language was a charades game show. Nothing new, since the charades concept had been done on the CTV program It's Your Move years before as well as another Goodson-Todman game, Showoffs (ABC 1975). But men like Steve Ryan added new wrinkles to make Body Language look upbeat. Tom Kennedy hosted this Goodson-Todman game show where two celebrity/contestant teams competed in charades. The first round had the contestant guessing what the celebrity acted. The player had to guess as many of five words or phrases as possible in 60 seconds. After time expired, the guessed words are placed on a puzzle board with seven numbered blanks (two were unacted words). If the player guessed correctly what person, place or thing the puzzle described, they won $100. If not, their opponent was called over to choose a blank to reveal before making a guess. The two players alternated revealing blanks and making guesses until one guessed correctly. If neither had solved the puzzle after all seven blanks were filled in, their partners were each given a guess. If they both were incorrect, the puzzle was thrown out and the value of it carried over to the next puzzle. The second round had the celebrities guess while the contestants acted. Starting on September 2, 1985, the player won a $500 bonus (not counted toward the score) if they guessed all five words before time ran out (this bonus only applied in round two). The puzzles were valued at $250. The first team to reach $500 won the game and advanced to the Sweepstakes round If neither team reached $500, a playoff puzzle was played with the contestants only playing. Originally, contestants could stay for up to five wins, but starting on September 24, 1984, they could stay until incurring two losses or winning five games. The contestant had to guess as many of ten words or phrases as possible in 60 seconds the celebrity acted (this was later changed to let the contestant choose which member would act and which would guess). The contestant won $100 for each word or phrase they guessed correctly. After the first half of the bonus game, a 20-second round was played with three word or phrases. If the team guessed all three words before time ran out, the money won in the first half was multiplied by ten, for a maximum possible bonus of $10,000. If not, the player still had the money won in the first half. TRIVIA: When the BL ticket plug came around, you heard a theme for a future NBC game show, Classic Concentration!moreless

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  • Notes (4)

    • The celebrity's images are no longer frozen during the opening. Also, the clock and the superimposed scores are changed from eggcrate to vane display.

    • Parentheses are now added to the two words that were not acted out.

    • Contestants now stay for up to six wins instead of five or until they lost twice.

    • The winning contestant now chooses which member would act and which would guess in the Sweepstakes round.

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