Body of Proof

Abducted - Part 2

Season 3, Ep 2, Aired 2/26/13
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  • Episode Description
  • While Kate comes under fire from D.A. Russell, Megan has cracked the case but can't tell her team. As long as the killer has Lacey, Megan must keep what she's learned to herself.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dana Delany

    Dr. Megan Hunt

  • Jeri Ryan

    Dr. Kate Murphey

  • Mark Valley

    Detective Tommy Sullivan

  • Geoffrey Arend

    Dr. Ethan Gross

  • Windell D. Middlebrooks

    Dr. Curtis Brumfield

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  • satisfying conclusion

    By saintmark, Feb 28, 2013

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Dr. Megan Hunt: You're an evil genius.
      Det. Tommy Sullivan: I'll take that as a compliment.

    • Dr. Megan Hunt: Can you trust him?
      Det. Tommy Sullivan: Well, every idea he has is a stroke of genius, he doesn't know when to shut up, and in general, he's a huge pain in the ass, but he's my partner.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: You didn't answer the question.
      Det. Tommy Sullivan: I trust him with my life.

    • Det. Adam Lucas: You think it was Wallace that killed her?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: It's a likely scenario.
      Det. Adam Lucas: Really? Because all Wallace's victims were adult males, he never shot any of them, and, uh, why kill his own daughter?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Well, maybe he realized that we were zeroing in on him. But then what do I know? I'm just an M.E. I'll leave the deep thinking to you.

    • Dr. Kate Murphey: I have never known you to turn your back on an unanswered question, ever.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Maybe I'm learning from you.
      Dr. Kate Murphey: Excuse me?
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Couple of hours ago, all you cared about was your press conference, and now all of a sudden, you're worried about doing your job? What happened? Did somebody tell you you should cover your ass?
      Dr. Kate Murphey: I resent that.
      Dr. Megan Hunt: Good.

    • D.A. Dan Russell: I just had an unpleasant phone call from the FBI about the Wallace case.
      Dr. Kate Murphey: What's the problem, that we solved it without 'em?

    Notes (1)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 26, 2013 on Citytv
      Norway: July 7, 2013 on TVNorge
      Finland: November 28, 2013 on Liv

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