Mind Games

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Quotes (3)

  • Peter Dunlop: Hey, Lace. Where's your mom?
    Lacey Fleming: Off thinking up new ways to torture me, I'm sure.
    Peter Dunlop: Oh, come on. It can't be that bad.
    Lacey Fleming: It's worse. Ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes, she's become, like, the enemy of fun.
    Peter Dunlop: Lacey, your mom's just worried about you. It's her job.
    Lacey Fleming: It's okay. I've accepted it. I'm never going to have fun again.
    Peter Dunlop: Between you and me, if I've learned one thing lately, it's that life is too short to play it safe.
    Lacey Fleming: Live fast, die young?
    Peter Dunlop: No. Live smart, die old.

  • Wilson Polley: You have to promise me one thing first. When you realize I'm innocent, I want an apology for the years you stole from my life.
    Dr. Megan Hunt: Here's the thing about apologies, Wilson... they don't come naturally to me.

  • (discussing whether Wilson Polley might actually be innocent)
    Dr. Kate Murphey: Look, Megan, I get it, okay? I do. It was your first case. You were eager to prove yourself.
    Dr. Megan Hunt: (amazed) Oh, my Go...
    Dr. Kate Murphey: Mistakes happen.
    Dr. Megan Hunt: Not to me.

Notes (1)

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