Bone Chillers

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    Not as good as Goosebumps, but at least it wasn't random people every single episode!!

    By RaijinPaladinix, Jan 05, 2007

    Goosebumps was cool, but you really couldn't call it a series, since it was practically like the Twilight Zone, with no organized cast. Bone Chillers did something Goosebumps never accomplished-- a cast.

    The actual show was cheap, but everything was in the '90s. The characters were kind of dull, but it always had a great storylines and creepy monster action to go with it, I almost wish I had watched this on Saturday mornings instead of TMNT's last season. It doesn't seem like the books, since the books aren't like the show. But I never read more than 2 Bone Chiller books, so that doesn't matter. In general, this is a decent, forgotten show, and really is something that should be brought back.moreless

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