Season 1, Ep 1, Aired 9/13/05
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  • Episode Description
  • In the series premiere, Dr. Temperance Brennan (or "Bones" as Booth calls her), a forensic anthropologist, is asked by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth to identify a set of bones that were deliberately hidden in a lake. However, after identifying the bones, imprisoning the murderer will be politically tricky. Booth and Brennan must find further evidence to link the victim to the murderer, and Booth will have to weigh his duties against his ego when Brennan challenges him.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Vicki Rosenberg

  • Dan Kneece

  • Dominic Fumusa

    Peter St. James

  • Katherine Ann McGregor

    Mrs. Bethlehem

  • David Boreanaz

    Special Agent Seeley Booth

  • Fan Reviews (75)
  • Sound start promising excellence to come.

    By tanargue, Aug 06, 2011

  • A great pilot!

    By vicky24c, Aug 29, 2009

  • Meh, there's been better

    By Dignan17, Sep 14, 2005

  • a really good ep to start the show

    By cube2k8, May 09, 2010

  • A slick, solid debut.

    By garbocats, Sep 19, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (44)

    • DHS Officer: You were illegally transporting human remains ma'am. And you assaulted a Homeland Security agent. Bones: Look I'm sorry if I embarrassed you in front of your friends but next time you should identify yourself before attacking me.

    • Brennan: Those people deserved the truth. Booth: Their daughter was murdered; they deserved the kindness of a lie.

    • Booth: You're great at what you do but you don't solve murders ... guys like we do.

    • Cullen: So, you guaranteed a squint a field role in an active murder investigation? Booth: Yes sir. Cullen: The one that wrote the book? Booth: Yes sir. Cullen: I thought you said she wouldn’t work with you anymore? Booth: Well, the last case we worked she provided a description of the murder weapon and the murderer, but I didn’t give her much credence. Cullen: Why not? Booth: Because she did it by looking at the victim's autopsy x-rays. Cullen: Well, I wouldn’t have given it much credence either. Booth: Turns out she was right on both. Plus the pond victim, (he hands the file to Cullen) Brennan gives me the victim's age, sex, and favorite sport. Cullen: Huh, which is? Booth: Tennis. Cullen: She’s good. Booth: No, she’s amazing. If the only way I can get her back on my side is to bring her out in the field, I’m willing. Cullen: Fine. She’s on you. Take a squint out in the field, she’s your responsibility. Booth: Yes sir.

    • Brennan: So what do you do first? Do you do confront the senator? Booth: Listen. Bones... Brennan: Don't call me Bones.

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    Notes (14)

    • Featured Music: "Collide" by Howie Day (as Brennan fits the pieces of the skull together) "Pain On Pain" by Feeder (as Brennan looks at the holograph, just before she has her "girl moment" with Angela) "Gone" by Thirteen Senses (at the funeral) "Busy Child" and "Roll It Up" by The Crystal Method (Syndicated and DVD releases made some changes to the songs, presumably because of licensing issues. On the season one DVD [Region 1] "Collide" is replaced with "Broken Bridge" by Daughter Darling. US syndication on some channels replaced "Pain on Pain" with "Stay For Life" by Andy Abraham.)

    • The outside shots of the building where Brennan and her team work, called "The Jeffersonian Institute" in the show, are actually shots of The Museum of Natural Sciences at the University of Southern California, according to the show's DVD commentary.

    • Most of the show is filmed in Los Angeles, California despite the fact that it's mainly set in Washington, D.C., where the fictional Jeffersonian Institution is located. The interiors of the Jeffersonian Institution were specially built on a large soundstage at the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City, California.

    • The show's theme song is simply titled "Bones Theme" and is written and performed by The Crystal Method. The band also created a full version of the song, titled "Bones Theme (DJ Corporate Remix)."

    • The scene at the beginning of the episode, where Bones gets taken into custody at the airport, was actually filmed in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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    Trivia (12)

    • Dr. Brennan's second sentence to Booth is: "Don't call me Bones" (which becomes a running theme for the beginning of the series). Another catch phrase of hers is introduced in this episode: "I don't know what that means." She usually says this when someone makes a popular culture allusion or remark.

    • When Zack is taking photographs of the corpse, the video footage is clearly mirrored, as can be seen by the positions and letters on the patches on his jacket. Additionally, Zack is holding the camera lens with his right hand and shooting the photos with his left. Cameras are designed the opposite way.

    • Brennan says that the next closest forensic anthropologist after her is in Montreal. Montreal is where the original Bones novels are set.

    • In this episode and in many of the episodes after this, when Booth and Brennan are driving, Booth does not wear his seatbelt - only Brennan does.

    • Goof: When Brennan finally leaves the Jeffersonian to get back home, we see three shots of her: one crossing the Jeffersonian Park and two others in Washington streets. But while she is holding two bags in the first shot, one suddenly disappears and is not in the other two shots.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Bones: What exactly am I supposed to be squinting at? Booth: Ah, you know it’s like pornography. You'll know it when you see it. This is a reference to Justice Potter Stewart, who during the obscenity case of Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964) said that hardcore pornography is hard to define, but "I know it when I see it."

    • Brennan: (responding to the fact that "she's not the only forensic anthropologist in town") Yes I am. The next nearest is in Montreal. This is a reference to the fact that the character Temperance Brennan in Kathy Reich's books (which the series is based on) though originally from North Carolina also works part time in Montreal. The real Kathy Reichs divides her time between academic duties at the Univ. of N. Carolina and duties in Quebec as well.

    • Booth: What, you want me to spit in my hand? We're Scully and Mulder. Booth is referring to Fox's show, The X-Files. Another FBI, female and male partnership.

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