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    Kill it!

    By srba_tb, Feb 04, 2016

    Those two were such an interesting couple when they weren't really one. Now they're just pain in the ass.

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    stuck on Bones

    By pamelagarrisi54, Jan 26, 2016

    I have found Bones in the last 6 months. I am soo hooked. Just saw booth and breannen wedding today! Loved it, love the show. Please don't end it. How would I go on. what withdrawals I'll have. Would love to meet the cast. Love Hodges and Angela. Help! Keep the Show!!!!

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    need my bones fix asap.....

    By PhoebeCramb, Jan 21, 2016

    love this show still!!! hurry up with the rest of the season, cant wait

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    Bones withdrawal

    By sandy4701y, Jan 20, 2016

    Just want to know when it will be back on tv.

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    Any time they drive

    By BELLE9751, Jan 07, 2016

    I have got to get this OFF MY CHEST... When Bones is driving AND when Booth is driving, there is ENTIRELY TOO MUCH looking at each other. REALISTICALLY, they should have been in numerous accidents due to not paying attention to the job of DRIVING THE VEHICLE ! !

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    Has Bones had a stroke or is she possessed?

    By imaferrari, Dec 05, 2015

    What is up with the way Bones delivers her lines now? Has she had a stroke? Or is she possessed? This isn't the way she spoke in the beginning of the series. She sounds robotic and won't shut up. All the up-talk & drawn out words & endless intrusive facts that use to be funny but are now irritating. What is up? I agree with Pamela it's annoying, a real turn off. There's such a superior attitude from body posture to tone to how she talks down with her up-talk inflections to everyone even those who are highly educated too. It isn't appealing. She's always been superior but in an awkward way, which made her approachable. Why has Deschanel changed the way she plays this character? Bones doesn't need to go ON AND ON with her recitation of facts, figures, from everything to a TV in the bedroom and sex frequency to the tooth fairy to whatever. Writers are responsible for this horrid turn. Where's the humor that emerged through conversations between Bones and those around her? Where are the earlier writers? I love watching reruns but can barely get through current episodes. At this point I wouldn't be sad if the series is cancelled.moreless

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    Bones jumped the shark!

    By MrsDonEppes, Nov 14, 2015

    That cross over with Sleepy Hollow was horrendous. Bones paired with Crane, a resurrected man! Bones is all hard science and facts, Sleepy Hollow is not. Who though it was a good idea to cross them?! This is the beginning of the end for Bones. I am not sure I will continue to watch.

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    Sleepy Hollow and Bones? Yawn

    By PamelaThompson1331, Nov 13, 2015

    This may or may not be the last season for Bones on Fox, but it is for me unless some changes are made. First, the episode with Sleepy Hollow was way too contrived. Secondly, since the character of Bones began the change in her vocal intonations, I just can't stand her. What's up with the drawing out of her words? It's annoying and unpleasant. The other characters speak just fine. Bones used to - not anymore. The return of Bones and Booth to their original jobs was also too contrived. If Bones continue to speak as she has been the past few seasons, I am out of here! I love the other characters - no fault there. I am tired of tooth fairy crap. I don't know how Booth stands her.moreless

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    Got a Bone to Pick with You

    By JeanetteSablock, Nov 09, 2015

    I love Bones but it does present a very skewed & MFA version of scientists. First of all a scientist woud never give their 'theory' when proposing a hypothesis because they would know the difference. And scientists speak like other people - based on where thery're from and the vernacular they're comfortable with. I cannot imagine anyone but an obsessive English major using a word like albeit in conversation - in a paper maybe, but not out loud, Sometimes the dialog makes me laugh and not in a good way.moreless

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    The show is a platform for Anti-Science

    By JadeLehto, Oct 25, 2015

    I just got to season 9, episode 10. As a scientist throughout the series I've noticed many scientific inaccuracies throughout the show. At first I thought they were purposeful nods because it would be numeral facts skewed by a digit. Then the actress/producer's vegetarian views came into play, followed by her trendy organic views. This is where the line is drawn. As a food scientist and a scientist, I'm appalled that these inaccuracies are allowed on television. I understand that it's fiction, but it's presented as fact. This show has become a platform for a wealthy actress who's been swept up in Hollywood trends to spread her inaccurate information. She has a bunch of "scientists" sitting around and talking anti-science. She needs to apologize to all the populations she's mislead and misrepresented. Shame on you Emily Deschanel. I was excited to send this episode to my peers, but this is embarrassing :(moreless

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