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    Great show

    By kendrajohnson18007218, 2 days ago

    I guess you guys really haven't looked into Bones character. She is portrayed to have Asperger's Syndrome. That is why she is the way she is. It keeps it interesting. I absolutely love this show!

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    Bones- The most annoying TV show I have ever seen

    By titanoftomorrow, Apr 02, 2014

    I am in the middle of watching the latest episode of Bones and it just hit me- I HATE TEMPERANCE BRENNAN! She has become annoying know it all I don't know why I didn't notice this before. I was big fan of this show in the first 5 or 6 season. I thought the relationship between Booth and Temperance was the most adult relationship I have seen in any TV show. It was based on trust mutual admiration from one another it's the kind relationship everyone should strive to achieve, but lately the main character Temperance has been pushing my buttons. She is a complete know it all she knows bones archaeology match and apparently she can do Booth's job too knowing martial arts knows how to use a gun she goes on Booth's missions puts herself in danger because she can do Booths' job better than he does forget that he has military training years of experience I mean really what kind of FBI agent brings a civilian let alone a forensic anthropologist along to go on mission to chase the bad guy apperently FBI agent Seeley Booth does and for a smart person like Dr Brennan to chase a suspect without a gun when Booth is screaming "Bones stop!" and to tackle him all by herself is really stupid! Dr Brennan is perfect TOO PERFECT!! She can do no wrong she should have her own comic book at Marvel or DC comics because that's what she is now a comic book character. The show really irks me, the supporting cast are just really there to fill in the minutes sure they'll do a special episode for Dr Hodgins or angela or Dr Soroyan but really there just there as Bones yes men nothing really interesting all in all the science in the show is great but the characters have become stale and Bones has become the most annoying character in TV todaymoreless

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    Bones Character more arrogant

    By Boozwaa, Apr 02, 2014

    Yes, I agree, the character of Dr Brennen has become a real arrogant rude jerk. One would think after being around the others all these years her character would change, but they have made her even more of an arrogant jerk.

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    By jaredcorne, Apr 01, 2014

    It is very disappointing that the show has regressed to cheesy emotional outbursts and weak science. I agree with several of the previous reviews, in that, this was a favorite show of mine, until its decent into Soap-Opera emoting.

    Bones seems intentionally rude, and for someone so intelligent, hasn't learned anything about appropriate behavior in nine years.

    It is also very difficult to believe that a devoutly Catholic Army Sniper is a bleeding heart, anti-capitalism, liberal socialist.

    The dissolution of the core of these primary characters is ruining this once great show. I wonder if Kathy Reichs is in this for the money or the story.moreless

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    Miss the old Bones

    By Maye91, Mar 31, 2014

    Cant believe this show has been renewed for another season. Its actually embarrassing how bad it has become. Absolutely LOVED this show when i first started watching. It was entertaining and intelligent. Brennan was a bit irritating in the begining but in mad scientist, she doesnt know any better kind of way, now she is just plain stuck up and rude. Most of the time it really does seem as though she is going out of her way to rude. The show these days seems to focus less and less on the murders (which are becoming lamer by the week) and more on the characters relationships with each other.

    Sad how a once amazing show has something that is painful to watch.moreless

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    Temperance is the worst part of the show

    By Synetech, Mar 18, 2014

    This show is horrendously irritating because Temperance is either really autistic ("aspie") or just a flat-out a-hole. She is arrogant, condescending, self-centered, demeaning, and completely anti-social. She does not understand metaphors, sarcasm, or social cues. She takes everything literally and constantly says utterly stupid things. These are all symptoms of Autism (specifically Asperger's syndrome), and if she had that, then it would make sense and could be tolerated. However, they don't say that she is like that (they just call her "eccentric"), so coming from a supposedly normal and functional person, her behavior just makes her a raging jerk. Further evidence of her likely Autism is that she seems to be an "idiot savant"; good at forensic anthropology and a few scientific things, but bad at everything else. I really don't know why they refuse to acknowledge what she really is.

    I ignored it at the start of the show, but not only has it become more intense, but the fact that all of the other characters seem to be blind to her trashy attitude and act like she is just "quirky" and otherwise great makes them almost as bad as Brennan herself.

    There have been a couple of episodes where they actually addressed her behavior, but they always just ignore it and let her go back to being garbage.

    The only tolerable thing in the show now is Hodgins who is *actually* quirky and amusing, but that isn't going to be enough to justify continuing to watch this aggravating show.


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    Bones' Bad Writing, Producing, Etc.

    By LLL69, Mar 15, 2014

    The First few episodes are definitely the best, aside from the fact that the "creative" minds behind the show decided to stall the romance between Booth and Brenan until they had no choice but to make them love partners and expectant parents practically overnight at the end of season 6 after the female lead becomes pregnant in real life. The fact that fans of the show still talk about this huge letdown is a good indicator that the audience become disenchanted and the show lost a good part of its audience, including me.moreless

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    Stalled Evolution

    By Buxxkill, Mar 13, 2014

    Used to love this show so much, but the refusal of the writers to let Brennan's character evolve in any way is really frustrating. Every other character on the show has grown in some way, but no matter the life changing situation she stays the same. She has definitely become my least favorite and most predictable character.

    It used to annoy me that we were expected to believe a character with seemingly no imagination could be responsible for writing best selling novels... But I got over that.

    The only other gripes I have are that they seem to also have forgotten that Brennan was paying Angela to supply the sex scenes for her books. (Something that would really come in handy since Hodgins lost his Also that they threw a perfectly good opurtunity to have Zack guest star when we met his mentally challenged brother.moreless

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    season 9 is off

    By rachxxuk, Feb 21, 2014

    I started watching bones on season 9 is they killed off the his no suspense left in it.

    Was so much better when bones and booth wasnt together.

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    Bones series in general

    By JanetMFaust, Feb 10, 2014

    I find Emily Deschanel's character much more annoying than when the show dbuted. Lately she seems to be bending backwards to be as irritating as possible. I know Eric Millegan and Jonathan Adams are long gone but sometimes I wish they could bring their characters back at least every now and then.

    When they replaced Dr. Goodman with Dr. Saroyan, in my opinion, they made a major mistake. I like Ms. Taylor but her character is dry and really doesn't bring anything to the show. Replacing Zack Addy with Dr. Sweets was a bit sad, but in the beginning John Francis Daley (Dr. Sweets) was fun to watch, he isn't as much fun anymore, it's a shame, his character at least brought a laugh to the show at one time.

    I actually like how Angela Montenegro grew in the show. I like Michaela Conlin's character much more now. As for Dr. Hodgins, he's still great, not much change, still likeable and fun to watch. The same can be said for David Boreanaz's character, he's enjoyable to watch and not much changed, except he seems to have forgotten he has a son, which bothers me a bit.

    I still watch the show, but I don't look forward to it as I did in the past.


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