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    Bad ... so bad

    By roisinmcguire5, Mar 18, 2014

    Worst thing I have ever seen, bleugh! Didn't make me want to watch The Finder and Bones is tainted by association

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    Definitely not the Best Episode

    By DerekWarren1, Nov 08, 2013

    Everyone else pretty much summed it up. I have seen better episodes of Bones.

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    Worst. Episode. Ever

    By Hurrpydoo, Apr 12, 2012

    Absolutely Terrible. This was a hamfisted promo for a series which holds only the most passing resemblance to the atmosphere and structure of Bones. The Characters were horrible (Especially Ike, dear lord, who wrote this character?) and the format of the episode was nothing like anything ever before seen in Bones, which in itself wouldn't be bad, but it was boring and contrived to a level that's hardly thinkable. The Episode made barely any attempt to merge the two worlds well, and we were left with an episode of an at best mediocre show with about five minutes of a bones episode pasted in. Worst Episode ever.moreless

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    By harborsealvb, Dec 20, 2011

    I'm apparently the only person who was totally disgusted by being asked to watch a guy sitting on the throne with his red jockeys around his ankles for about 10 minutes of this ridiculous episode. I should have been prepared for this. After all, you can't watch a movie or a TV show without seeing two guys discussing something at the urinals, or a man peeing on a tree. But for me, "prime time TV" has reached a new low!

    Please forget the garbage and get back to the BONES I've loved from the very beginning!moreless

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    Cheap Spin off promotion

    By BiniBeans, Dec 08, 2011

    Very disappointing to have them waste a whole episode on trying to promote some wannabe spin off and certainly no way to endear the new show to me.

    They didn't even really try to mesh the two casts properly just sort of let them slide along beside each other. No real connections just some pretend flirtation from the "Finder" toward Bones that didn't ring true at all and some cheap digs at Hodgins lack of hotness in comparison to Angela. We already had that with the detective who found her old husband, let it go. Could have at least given it more of an effort than I wouldn't be so ... unhappy now.

    Hope next week will be back on top.moreless

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    This pilot just doesn't work for me

    By tanargue, Dec 05, 2011

    Some spin-offs can work very well eg NCIS from Jag. But on the strength of this episode I don't think I would ever want to watch Finder.It was very clumsily done, making the Jeffersonian team look a poor second to the Finder. I found all the three characters irritating especially the girl with the appalling accent - interesting to note that when the series was reworked she was replaced!I don't count this as an episode of Bones, but did enjoy the opening shot of Booth and Brennan whizzing through the Everglades!Sorry but it's a big thumbs down from me.moreless

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    By vespa4, Dec 05, 2011

    I dont know why they bothered, i dont see "Finder" as a series getting very far at all, the while episode was incredibly dull. I think the worst part was that womans tragic english accent, listening to it physically pained me :S it seemed like it was trying to be like "House", the idea of a guy having an incredible ability that no-one else can do (at least not as well), ive notived many shows trying to adopt this premise such as "The Mentalist" or "Lie to Me", its not that these shows are particularly terrible, but they are getting a little boring.moreless

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    This isn't a Review, this is Just a Complian in 100 words or More!

    By pretty_sure, Nov 11, 2011

    I have never seen this episode of Bones, and I have no intension of doing so. I have avoided this episode at every cost. I've gone through 007 type legnths to get as far away from this as possible, because this is so stupid.

    Spin off episodes are just so freakin' lazy. The Finder is probly a show that could have done fine without wasting 43 minutes of valuable Bones time! I feel this way about all spin offs. All the CSI's would have been the same and NCIS.

    For all the Finder's show length (here's hoping for 13 episodes) It will be nothing to me, but the show that wasted a whole episode of Bones!moreless

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    Amazing show, seriously can't wait for episodes to come. Review of 'Finder' the spin-off of 'Bones'.

    By tempeck, Nov 11, 2011

    Great pilot, can't wait for the real thing. I loved this pilot. With all the great shows that are being sacrificed as of late (for the good of the networks), it's good to know that at least one good show is coming; It has an original plot, and a funny and charismatic cast. I am seriously look forward to this show. I hope that everyone will watch it and have just as much fun watching the seasons as they have had in watching 'Bones' throughout the years. Yes, 'Bones' is amazing and can't be replaced, but I think that 'Finder' will give 'Bones' a run for its money.moreless

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    Not an episode of Bones, so should really be listed under Finder Pilot episode

    By RRRewier, Nov 11, 2011

    Sadly the review score does not have a zero. This was the was ever episode of Bones, I feel bad even mentioning the word Bones because it was not even a Bones episode, purely a way of trying to promote another programmes pilot. The English ladies accent was shocking, and the most bizarre thing was that the actress is actually English. I can only hope that when the DVD boxset for season 6 is released this episode is removed. I feel sorry for the cast of Bones as this was simply a way of trying to promote a new tv series through an already established and successful one. Shame on the people who chose to do this, they have taken away the possiblity of a great Bones episode, if viewers really wanted to watch Finder im sure like the man himself they would find it 8-)moreless

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