The Heiress in the Hill

Season 9, Ep 15, Aired 1/31/14
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  • Episode Description
  • The remains of a kidnap victim are found buried at a park. Hodgins learns a secret about his family, and Booth and Brennan have to decide if they should split their money.

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Boreanaz

    Special Agent Seeley Booth

  • Emily Deschanel

    Dr. Temperance Brennan

  • Michaela Conlin

    Angela Montenegro

  • Tamara Taylor

    Dr. Camille Saroyan

  • T.J. Thyne

    Dr. Jack Hodgins

  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • Hodgins learns he has a secret brother

    By sherriesim, Aug 26, 2015

  • I'm relieved.

    By DirgeNovak, Feb 02, 2014

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (3)

    • Booth: All I'm saying is that this is your money, from your hard work, not mine.
      Brennan: Men are so foolish when it comes to money. It's why we have so many wars. You like your loot covered in blood and sweat. It's the only way you can enjoy it.
      Booth: Okay, great. So, what? I'm Attila the Hun, now?

    • Fisher: These all indicate quite a struggle. She probably tried to escape and fought with her kidnappers.
      Brennan: No. The victim banged her own head into the ground, and fists and heels.
      Fisher: Wait, what?
      Brennan: Uniform, repeated injuries. They're all signs of a seizure.
      Fisher: Oh, my God. You're right. Well, I feel inadequate.
      Brennan: You work with me, Mr. Fisher. I'd have thought you'd be used to that by now.

    • Angela: So I was online looking at dream houses, which got me thinking about adding an extra room.
      Hodgins: And you want a studio.
      Angela: Which could double as a bug room.
      Hodgins: Listen, I promise we will do it as soon as I find a suitable bank to rob.
      Angela: You know, we'd make a pretty good team. You could drive the getaway car.

    Notes (1)

    • Crew Clarifications: Jan DeWitt (Produced by), Kathy Reichs (Inspired by the Life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author), Rick Millikan (Casting by), Christine Ciraolo (Casting by), Pamella Phillips (Make-Up Department Head), Megg Massey (Hair Department Head), Katie Barnard (Insert Coordinator), Mike Grasso (Police Technical Advisor), Mark Marcum (Video Playback).

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    • Copioli Feb 04, 2014

      I think the ending was very good and emotional, I even cried a little. I think TJ Thyne did a very good job. The case itself was kinda meh, but the relationship between Booth and Bones felt natural.

    • paulr37 Feb 03, 2014

      Hate to be petty but Jules Verne fans [especially rich educated ones] would pronounce it 'Joule' Verne with a silent 's'.
      Good episode, bit obvious, I got the twist straight away, but enjoyable nonetheless.

    • JLO826 Feb 02, 2014

      Found this to be one of the best of the last few. The murder story plot I found interesting and I love the emotion portrayed by hodgins. Glad to see bones and booth figuring out their money issues. I love them together. Liked seeing fishers speech too.

    • fayze Feb 02, 2014

      Hod gins is finally learning to live like the rest of us. His character is improving for the better.