The Man in the Cell

Season 2, Ep 12, Aired 1/31/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Booth and Brennan are ordered to the cell of serial killer Howard Epps to identify the remains of an inmate. To their surprise the charred remains don't belong to Epps. It's soon learned that Epps has escaped and is on a revenge path, which involves Booth's young son, Parker. Due to the danger of the case, Brennan must get FBI protection.Cam inhales a toxin while performing an autopsy, which puts her life in danger.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Boreanaz

    Special Agent Seeley Booth

  • Emily Deschanel

    Dr. Temperance Brennan

  • Eric Millegan

    Zack Addy

  • Michaela Conlin

    Angela Montenegro

  • T.J. Thyne

    Dr. Jack Hodgins

  • Fan Reviews (45)
  • An episode to be loved by fans of the series for many different reasons. Spoiler alert.

    By goshwow, May 19, 2008

  • Epps escapes

    By vicky24c, Jan 04, 2010

  • Tension all round.

    By tanargue, Apr 25, 2011

  • epps escapes from jail and now brennan and booth have their hands full trying to keep him from hurting their friends and family

    By Collegebound06, Apr 12, 2008

  • Serial killer Epps escapes, targeting Brennan's friends.

    By whiteraven2005, Jul 06, 2009

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (43)

    • Brennan: Epps said that whatever else happens here on out was my fault. Cam: Then we won't let anything else happen.

    • Epps: You're gonna drop me anyway. Just get it over with. Booth: You son of a bitch. Epps: Are you saying you don't want me dead? Booth: Yeah, I'm not you. Epps: Oh, really? You're not thinking of the world with me still in it? Going after Dr. Brennan, your son ... Booth: I'm not you.

    • Booth: (After he puts Parker on the Merry-Go-Round, he turns around and sees Brennan) Hi, how’d you know I was here? Brennan: Saturday morning, how’s Parker? Booth: Yeah, I’m afraid I freaked him out the other day, he’s really scared of this place, now I gotta put that right. Brennan: That’s you all over, putting things right.

    • Brennan: (reasoning why Epps fell from Booth's grip) You didn't have your full strength, your wrist was hurt from pulling Zack away from the explosion. Booth: My wrist wasn't hurt, Bones. Brennan: (scoffs) I wish you'd let me shoot him. Booth: (somberly) No you don't. (gets up and walks away)

    • Brennan: Marianne Epps is a clearly bad mother. Booth: (scoffs) Yeah, well you think?! Brennan: But, a lot of people have bad mothers and they don't grow up to be serial killers, which is why I don't put much stock in psychology. Booth: All right listen Bones, I don't care how you explain it, all right, the guy, he's an animal, he's got no conscience. Brennan: I don't know how one draws moral distinctions between killers? Booth: Listen Bones all right? There are crimes of passion, all right, crimes committed out of desperation, which are usually followed by remorse or acknowledgement of human failing, the key word here is human. Brennan: The reasons for killing someone are unimportant, the life that's taken is all that matters. Booth: Listen, you can't blame yourself here. Brennan: Yeah, it's me he's after, Angela and everyone else, they shouldn't be involved. Booth: Look, it's not your fault all right, it's all Epps, which is why I'm gonna take this little bastard down. (Brennan looks in the side mirror and realizes that there is a car following them.) Brennan: Booth – (more urgently) Booth – we're being followed. Booth: Um-hmm, that's right, (chuckles) two agents all the time at a very discreet distance, see, and I don't care how big your gun is all right?

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    Notes (4)

    • The merry-go-round at which Epps buys Parker ice cream is the same merry-go-round seen in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in which David Boreanaz played Angel) in episode 5x08.

    • The building used for the external shot of the fire-damaged prison as the episode opens is the Joliet Correctional Center located in Joliet, Illinois. The first season of Prison Break was also shot on location there (calling it Fox River State Penitentiary).

    • International Air Dates: Denmark: March 27th, 2007 on TV3 Spain: April 27th, 2007 on FOX TV Spain Belgium: November 9th, 2007 on RTL-TVI Germany: November 15th, 2007 on RTL Australia: January 10th, 2008 on 7 Finland: July 25th, 2008 on Sub

    • Featured Music: "(What's So Funny About) Peace Love and Understanding" by Nick Lowe (song at the end)

    Trivia (11)

    • When Bones is talking on the phone with Epps, he says that his IQ is 180. Albert Einstein's IQ was only about 160, which would mean that Epps is substantially smarter than Einstein and one of the smartest people in the world (based on IQ).

    • When Booth and Brennan are at the hospital talking to Cam's doctor, Booth says, "What does that mean? I don't know what that means." This is a play on Brennan's line in regards to pop-culture references.

    • When the lab was under high security alert, for some reason the only people to come when Angela screamed were Cam, Bones, Zack And Hodgins.

    • At the end of the episode while Epps is falling he does a double somersault. Yet it was only about a 50-foot fall, and he was hanging as dead weight, so he should just have dropped straight down.

    • Toward the end of the episode, when the explosion has happened and they've leaked the false story to the media, Zack asks why he can't go home and Booth says because he's supposed to be dead. Yet in the same news report Booth is reported as being in critical condition, so by rights he should also have remained out of sight.

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    Allusions (3)

    • Booth: (examining a refrigerator) Don't worry Bones it's not booby trapped. Booth is referring to an event from the season one episode "Two Bodies in the Lab" where he was seriously injured after opening Bones' refrigerator, which had a bomb wired to it.

    • Angela: (about Howard Epps) If there was ever anyone who should be in GITMO. Cam: I agree. GITMO, or GTMO, is the military acronym for the Guantanamo Bay Naval base. Since 2001, the naval base has contained a military prison, the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp. Prior to 11 July 2006, the U.S. maintained that these detainees were not protected under the Geneva Convention because they were enemy combatants, rather than prisoners of war (this suggests that they are tortured, and Angela feels Howard belongs there).

    • Booth: (to a yawning Brennan) Maybe you'd like something a little more exciting, eh? Like Attica ... In September of 1971, dozens of prisoners, as well as several hostages, died in the Attica Prison Riot, that occurred in the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York.

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