The Woman in White

Season 9, Ep 6, Aired 10/21/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Booth and Brennan's wedding is finally here, but a murder and family conspire to ruin the event. A body discovered while the wedding rehearsal takes place threatens to split Brennan's attention from the wedding, so Cam and Angela do their best to keep it from her until the case requires all of the team. Meanwhile, Max comes to town for the wedding, but the bag full of money he brings with him seems to indicate he has other duties than walking the bride down the aisle.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Boreanaz

    Special Agent Seeley Booth

  • Emily Deschanel

    Dr. Temperance Brennan

  • Michaela Conlin

    Angela Montenegro

  • Tamara Taylor

    Dr. Camille Saroyan

  • T.J. Thyne

    Dr. Jack Hodgins

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • The Big Wedding episode was very deflated

    By sherriesim, Apr 07, 2015

  • Perfectly Bones

    By karenkiddhenley, Oct 06, 2014

  • Few problems, but liked many other things

    By dll33, Apr 14, 2014

  • Sooo Beautiful!!

    By yeahyeahgirl, Nov 13, 2013

  • No Caroline-lines! They BLEW It!

    By paulbanta393, Nov 04, 2013

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  • Quotes (15)

    • Aldo: By the powers vested in me by the District of Columbia and the Internet, I now pronounce you man and wife.
      Brennan: You can kiss me now.
      Booth: Aldo didn't say that I could kiss you.
      Aldo: As usual, she's right. Go.

    • Brennan: When Hodgins and I were buried alive, we each wrote a message to someone we loved, in case our bodies were ever found. Hodgins wrote to Angela, and... I wrote to you, Booth. (reading the letter) "Dear Agent Booth, you are a confusing man. You are irrational and impulsive, superstitious and exasperating. You believe in ghosts and angels, and maybe even Santa Claus, and because of you, I've started to see the universe differently. How is it possible that simply looking into your fine face gives me so much joy? Why does it make me so happy that every time I try-try to sneak a peek at you, you're already looking at me? Like you, it makes no sense. And like you, it feels right. If I ever get out of here, I will find a time and a place to tell you that you make my life messy and confusing and unfocused and irrational and wonderful." This is that time. This is that place.

    • Booth: You know, I worked really, really hard on my vows, but you know, now that we're here... Look, um, hey, do you remember the last time that we were here? Standing right around in this spot? It was, um, right in the beginning, before we really knew each other. I was trying to get away from you, because, um, you were irritating me. And, uh, you chased me down, and you caught up to me. I said to you, "Listen, I just have to get all my ducks in a row, right?" And then you said to me--
      Brennan: I can be a duck.
      Booth: Yeah. You know, we have been chasing each other for a long time. We've been chasing each other through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes and... You know, chasing you has been the smartest thing that I have ever done in my life. And being chased by you has been my greatest joy, but now we, uh, we don't have to chase each other anymore because... we caught each other.

    • Aldo: Ladies and gentlemen, friends and loved ones of Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan, if anyone here has any reasons why these two shouldn't be married, keep it to yourself or get out because this is going to happen.

    • Brennan: I'm not certain if you are aware, but Agent Booth and I are getting married today.
      Wendell: Congrats, Dr. B.
      Fisher: Suck up.
      Clark: Being polite is not the same thing as sucking up.
      Wells: I'm pretty sure that it is.
      Arastoo: We're all very happy for you.
      Wendell: Yeah, says the guy who got invited.
      Daisy: Well, he didn't really get invited.
      Fisher: He still gets to go.

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    Notes (4)

    • The priest at the rehearsal is Emily Deschanel's real-life husband, David Hornsby.

    • Crew Clarifications: Jan DeWitt (Produced by), Kathy Reichs (Inspired by the Life of Forensic Anthropologist and Author), Rick Millikan (Casting by), Christine Ciraolo (Casting by) Pamella Phillips (Make-Up Department Head), Megg Massey (Hair Department Head), Katie Barnard (Insert Coordinator), Mike Grasso (Police Technical Advisor), Mark Marcum (Video Playback).

    • Special billing was given to Ryan O'Neal (Special Guest Star), Ralph Waite (with), Cyndi Lauper (and) and Joanna Cassidy (and) for this episode.

    • The end of this episode marked the beginning of Bones' annual autumn hiatus for Fox's coverage of the World Series.

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    • paulbanta393 Nov 04, 2013

      No lines for Caroline Julian! BOOOO!

    • davidarthur925 Nov 02, 2013

      It was great and beautiful, thought it would never happen, glad the show is still on, always enjoy it.

    • lynna12000 Oct 27, 2013

      It was a lovely wedding. But I think this should have been the series finale. I am hearing the theme song from Moonlighting.

    • phxcowbot Oct 22, 2013

      the priest was played by Emily Deschanel's real-life husband, David Hornsby in an awesome bit of casting; too bad angela's dad - ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons - couldn't be there

      angela and Booth are going to have to settle their scores - that should be great fun

      good story; it should be, they must have been writing it for a couple of years
      favorite quote in a story full of good quotes - "Dr. Wells is a polymath and more than qualified to do the research. And if he isn't, we dismiss him. No one likes him anyway." - Brennan

    • IndianaMom Oct 22, 2013

      It was fun to see all the old squints back and working together (except Zach, of course). The wedding was beautiful. Temperance (and Emily) usually frustrates me because she doesn't show her emotions, but showed her feelings beautifully during the ceremony. Even if she did loudly assure everyone that this was not one man passing a woman to another man as if she were property.

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