Sickness and Health

Season 5, Ep 7, Aired 11/13/89
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  • Episode Description
  • Ken is employed by the owners of a nursing home to investigate a series of petty thefts of patients' money. Because of pressure of work, he passes the case to Harry who goes to stay at the nursing home, posing as a businessman suffering from stress and a nervous breakdown. Laura also helps, posing as Harry's gushing and utterly spoilt daughter! After eliminating the cleaner and the gardener, Harry soon suspects Mary Foster, an eccentric old lady who is a long-term patient. He marks a wad of 5 notes and leaves them in his bedside drawer. They soon disappear and Harry finds them in Mary's handbag. He presents his findings to the Matron, telling her that he has traced the thief. Much to his surprise, the Matron herself confesses to the thefts. She has been taking the money to give to Mary, in order to perpetuate a white lie - Mary thinks that her son, living in New Zealand, is paying for little treats on her birthday, whereas in fact the son died two years ago and the Matron hasn't the heart to tell Mary. Harry agrees not to shop the Matron, as long as the thefts stop, and even offers to pays for Mary's birthday treats himself. Helen is approached by her old friend Chris, a social worker, and asked to look after Judy Shelley and her two unruly sons, Lee and Simon. They need somewhere to stay in hiding until Judy can get an injunction against her Canadian husband Peter. Peter is a doctor and a respected member of the community, but Judy is alleging that he beats her up. Helen gets Rocky to keep an eye on the boys, but they play various pranks on him, culminating in him being stranded on the roof after Lee pretends to be stuck. While on the roof, Rocky sees a man watching Woodcote Park through binoculars. He suspects (correctly) that the man is working for Peter, trying to trace Judy's whereabouts. Although sworn to secrecy, Helen takes Ken into her confidence. He investigates the man, who has now checked into Woodcote as a guest called Patterson. To begin with he thinks that Patterson may be Shelley. Shelley contacts Ken and tells him his side of the story - that Judy is mentally ill and lives in a fantasy world. But Shelley and Patterson are plotting to "recover" (kidnap) the boys. They bundle Lee and Simon into Peter's car and make off down the drive, hotly pursued by Ken and Rocky. Helen blocks the gate with her car, forcing Judy and Peter to confront each other. Peter again tells his story about mental illness. Judy vehemently denies it and lifts her blouse to show that her body is bruised and that she has four broken ribs. Peter turns violent and has to be restrained. When he realises that he has lost both his children and his professional reputation, he drives away furiously, knocking Harry over as he arrives back from the nursing home. Harry's leg is injured and he finds himself back in a hospital bed.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • David Daker

    Harry Crawford

  • Rachel Davies

    Doreen Evans (Season 1)

  • Brigit Forsyth

    Helen Yeldham (Season 5)

  • Elizabeth Carling

    Laura Marsh (Season 5-7)

  • Michael Elphick

    Ken Boon

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