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    about the series

    By JordanWelch, Feb 08, 2015

    It had great acting for James Spader in season 1&3, William Shatner in season 1 and Christian Clemenson in season 2.

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    BOSTON LEGAL,The Best of them All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By AhmedHussain01, May 01, 2014

    THE BEST SHOW AND ACTING I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!If we look at the acting of James Spader as Alan Shore,it was remarkable,truly impeccable, seeing that lovely ending i was forced to give it 10/10,on the other hand,Denny crane's character was interesting and it was well performed by William Shatner,the small characters like Jerry,Shirley,Katie and Carl also added the fun to the party,I LOVED IT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Boston Legal: The Denny Crane of Legal Series!

    By Ca3naki, Nov 14, 2013

    I was watching Boston Legal as a child-adolescent. I came back to it now that I'm older and half-way through my law studies. This show is AMAZING!!! It keeps the right balance between comedy and drama. While we might laugh, then comes a thought-provoking case. The "lawyers" are awesome!!! I particularly enjoy the way they cross-examine witness. Sometimes it is cruel, but that's how great lawyers are. Another thing that I particularly enjoy, two to be exact is 1. the fact that they actually lose from time to time and 2. they go to court, a lot! The reason why I mention that is because, I can't help but comparing it to Suits, where I can understand the not-going-to the court thing, due to the fact that the american judicial system, from what I've seen is very pro the dissolution of the disputes before going to trial. And also that's what they specialize in. But they never lose. And it's impossible to be a lawyer and not lose. The quotes from Boston Legal are amazing and most certainly depict the reality of the court rooms, not necessarily in the US, but in general. (my most recent one "That's how you win lawsuits! You're right! Even when you are wrong") And of course!!! The amazing cast!!! I love James Spader and William Shatner and their combination in the series was a complete success!!! But the rest of the cast was also very good!!!moreless

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    One of the best shows!!!

    By shk, Feb 12, 2013

    BL is definitely one of the best shows ever, and could have easily become the best had a couple of characters not been given unnecessary importance. Gerry and Catherine were two characters which made me felt as if they both are related to the producer as if it was really important to include them in the cast. With such an excellent script, there was no need at all to rely on the foolish activities of Gerry and Catherine to make us laugh. It was far over done, infact there came a time where I used to fast forward whenever Gerry used to come. All remaining cast were an integral part of the series particularly Allen and Denny.

    I hope it comes back for the sixth season, and hopefully without Gerry.moreless

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    By santasa9, Sep 26, 2012

    Very intelligent, very clever, and witty - it is least of all "legal shaw"...

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    best show ever

    By phwevu, Jun 14, 2012

    my personal favorite of all time. funniest and most sarcastic show ever. denny crane and allan shore are the best (married) couple ever in a series (even better than couples in any movie). and they didnt make the same mistake like other shows and made it in 5 seasons. it was short but all of them were great.

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    Incredible & unique this show steals the imagination & the heart if you just let it. Showing no fear, the writers & creators & actors, all the staff have created a truly adult drama with great humor! Well done

    By mistresswitch, Oct 17, 2010

    In each character we see truly different people, in each episode we deal with new & interesting topics. We've watched discussions on politics & religion, human rights, corporate rights, right to speak, right to die, we've seen it all.

    Each episode we grow to love or hate the characters that are presented before us, the actores are truly brilliant and pull of their character wonderfully well.

    The only bad thing I can say about this series is that is has been cancelled. Perhaps some time in the future we will see our characters again though not in reruns. :-)

    To the amazing crew and cast, you did yourselves proud in the final season, more so in the final episodes. You went down fighting and you won many life long fans & hearts. Well done to you all.moreless

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    Uniquely fulfilling characters in a class leading show that when taken to the heart leaves all others in its wake.

    By muppetman42, Sep 10, 2010

    Watching the final episode of this show actually had me worried. I have so loved every moment of the outstanding series I was concerned that this last one would be completely over the top.

    And it was, but in such a perfect way that it was stupendous. The Supreme Court speech by James Spader is just exemplary.

    The character of Denny Crane is played to perfection by William Shatner.

    The other characters all, in this show have all been wonderful, but it is the warm friendship between Denny and Alan that have so set this series apart from any other.

    Perfect escapism, beautiful acting, outrageous humour but with some real underlying points made that we can all reflect on.

    I don't believe I have ever enjoyed a series more than Boston Legal.moreless

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    Summary: 10/10 A must see show! Below are reasons why and why not this show should be watched.

    By Saiyans91, Jun 09, 2010

    Premise: The show is about a group of unconventinal lawyers working for a law firm called Crane, Poole and Schmidt who take up cases and fight it out.

    Reasons to Watch Boston Legal: 1. Great Mix of Comedy and Drama – I initially used to think comedy and drama didn't go very well together. But Boston Legal proved me wrong! The writing is brilliant with the right mix of drama and comedy at the right time. You will get moments of laughter and thought provoking within a gap of few minutes and only this show can pull it off without being akward. Thus this makes this show unique and a reason to watch.

    2. Great Characters and Breaking off it: All the characters on Boston Legal are funny, entertaining, smart and just a treat to watch. Starting with the perfection of the 2 male leads Alan Shore played by James Spader and Denny Crane played by William Shatner. It is extremly exciting to see what these two do everyday, how they fight their cases, their beliefs and opinions and their ravenous sexual appetite. Along with other characters like Shirley Schimdt, Jerry Espenson etc it becomes a reason of its own to watch it. Also it is one of the very few shows were the characters break character and become aware they are on a television show. Examples can be found on Wikipedia. I find this extremly hilarious.

    3. Relevant Issues which are interesting: The cases on Boston Legal are always entertaining ,interesting and throught provoking. Many of the cases deal with current real life issues like terrorism, torture, murder, illegal migration etc. Reason not to watch Boston Legal:

    1. Provocative: If you are a feminist you may not like this show because some comments made by Alan Shore and Denny Crane towards women may be taken as provocative. I however find this extremely funny. This is the only reason not to watch it.

    Overall: Clearly, the reasons to watch heavily outweights the reasons not to. Hence it is a "Must-See" show. If you don't watch it you really missing out on something!moreless

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