A Long Walk to Pittsburgh-Part I

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    By futuramarama, Jan 17, 2010

    Eric sees Shawn kiss Topanga at Chubbies and tells Cory. It turns out there was actually a good reason for this: Topanga is moving to Pittsburgh with her parents. Cory cannot, and will not, believe this under any circumstances. Shawn also tells him that Topanga will not leave, referencing some TV shows in the process. But, at the end of the episode, Topanga does in fact leave, and Cory is left heart-broken.

    A sad episode with a good, interesting plot. It is also the first 2-parter episode of the series. It was a very special episode and was handled well.moreless

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    I loved it, but it was so sad.

    By VGFreak8, Jul 27, 2007

    Cory finds out that Topanga is moving to Pittsburgh. He believes that they will always be together and that she won't leave. Shawn tries to convince Cory that everything will be okay and that she won't leave at all. Eric is a good big brother to Cory.

    This was a great episode! It was so sad though. Cory and Topanga might be separated and things might not work out. I know that everything is going to be good in the end, but I love the drama. I liked it when Cory used Romeo and Juliet as an example of love that is true, but he didn't know the end. This episode gets a perfect 10!moreless

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    Cory's emotional ride at the peak.

    By jedijaceon, Feb 15, 2007

    This episode is a prime example of how good this show was. Nothing hurts more than losing the love of your life, and this episode showcases this very poignantly. This show is robably the best from the TGIF line-up, with the possible exception of Perfect Strangers. The emotionalride of this episode, and the following one, demonstrate how able all these young actors can be, even the Batman of the Future Will Friedle. When Cory learns Topanga is moving, and has no choice but to deny it at the end with his best friend, it shows as realistic as life, but with a few more laughs.moreless

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    Lost Love

    By sh811a, Jul 18, 2006

    This was one of the first episodes that actually displayed a deep sense of emotion and also made both Cory and Topanga seem rather human.

    We emphisize with their pain as both of them are struggling to keep their current relationship they have alive. We easily see how deep and far both of these characters, as it evolved gradually from friendship to love making the emotional weight heavier. I can't help but think this must be true with most couple who deal with the issue of moving away.

    The funniest moment was Shawn give Cory hope by talking about TV phylosophy. How our lives are like a TV show, and usually something good always happens to the protaginest. This is funny because it's true sometimes.

    But unfortunate in this episode nothing good happens to this couple. As they must cope and deal with the fact that Topanga's parients are moving away which will me both of them will be unable to see each other again or even stay together. So reluctantly they say good bye and Cory lets Topanga keep the jacket, a jacket Cory gave to her when they were 13 and symbolizes the depth of their relationship together. Once she's gone the last thing we see is Cory's sad face, not crying but a look as though his heart has been broken and is now bleeding.

    This episode was so good it actually put lots of viewers in distress especially me, due to the emotional weight. As we had to painfully wait next week or in two weeks (which litterally felt like an eternity) part two of this cliffhanger. Like in those cliffhanger cerials we were constantly wondering if Topanga was going to come back, is Cory going to heal and either get her back or move on? We would just have to find out in Part 2.moreless

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