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  • Sargent Moore: (To Eric): Matthews! You are a disgrace to this university, to your country, and to humanity in general!

  • Sgt. Moore: So they were real close? Cory: Until she ran away. And do you know why she ran away? Sgt. Moore: Yeah, I think I do. Cory: Topanga! She's poison. But don't hate her sir, she's my problem. I love her so much; but poison she is!

  • Angela: I don't want to hurt you. Shawn: What are you talking about, you're already killing me!

  • Mr. Feeny: May I have your attention please? It gives me great pleasure to present Master Sgt. Alvin Moore, who's here to talk about today's army. Having personally served my country in the navy... Eric (interrupting Mr. Feeny): England doesn't have a navy, you liar!

  • Shawn (to Sergeant Moore): Welcome to the Angela doghouse...sir.

  • Eric (to Sergeant Moore): I learned to how to sneak attack. Shhhh. I learned that when a girl beats you up and I'm not gonna use any names; (secretively) Opangatay. That's code, that's code shhh. I learned that you never let that girl know exactly when you're gonna sneak attack her. (to Topanga) I'm gonna get you! Tomorrow at three o'clock I'm gonna sneak attack you!

  • Angela: Well, I hope you two will be very happy in the army. Shawn: I'm not going into the army. Angela: Why not? Sgt. Moore: Because I like him; but I like my country more and I don't want this boy anywhere near the army.

  • Sgt. Moore: Matthews! Eric: Sir, yes sir! Sgt. Moore: You are a disgrace to this university, to this country and humanity in general. Eric: Wow.

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  • Instead of a tag ending, or a picture of the Boy Meets world logo, we are given a deleted scene and bloopers. Angela & Shawn are still on the sofa kissing, when Topanga comes in and tells them that they're sitting on Eric. The scene was never completed because the actors kept laughing, or messing up their lines. Intrestingly, Rider Strong (Shawn) once said that the BMW writers tried not to write many diaglogues between Shawn & Eric (Will Friedle) because they kept making each other laugh. This also explains why, despite living together for a year, Shawn & Eric never really talked with each other.

  • In the gymnasium scene, Sergeant Moore is wearing chevrons on his collar which do not match his actual rank of sergeant major.