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Quotes (6)

  • Cory: What are you doing in Feeny's house without me?
    Shawn: Working on my economics project.
    Cory: What is your economic project?
    Shawn: I can't think of an answer that won't upset you.

  • (Cory is watering Mr. Feeny's plants when he hears Shawn scream) Cory: Shawn?! Shawn (walking downstairs): It's OK, it's OK. I thought I saw a poster of me, but it was just a mirror.

  • Cory: Out! Out! I want you all out! Shawn: This is our bellhop. He's rude and obnoxious. Arnie: I like him!

  • Shawn: Feeny's got a six foot round tub. Cory: Well, the man's gotta bathe. Shawn: With jets. Cory: Oh, kooky.

  • Mr. Feeny: What are you doing in Bean Town? Eric: Hiding from you; and I fail. Why must you stalk me so?

  • Shawn: Feeny left us the keys to his house. He knows this is gonna happen. He wants this to happen.