Cory's Alternative Friends

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Quotes (11)

  • Cory (to Topanga): You're gonna be one of those girls who doesn't shave her legs, aren't you?

  • Shawn (on the phone with his sister): Stacy says you should have washed it out forty five minutes ago. Cory: Ahhh! Shawn: Stacy says you shouldn't have left it in so long. Stacy says "Why didn't you two idiots read the label?" Oh thanks, Stace.

  • Cory: So, should this stuff be burning?! Shawn: Why? Is it burning? Cory: No, I'm just trying to make conversation 'cause we never really get to talk.

  • Girl: Don't flatter yourself, Cory. We weren't even talking about you. Cory: You called me Brillo-head. Paige: We were talking about my sister's friend, Dwayne. Girl: We never talk about you, Cory. We're not that bored.

  • Topanga: Give me your hand. Cory: Why? Topanga: I want to see if our energies converge.

  • Cory: Can you be swayed on this? Mr. Feeny: I'm Gibraltar.

  • Cory: Life is strange; and now so am I.

  • Morgan: Mommy, if my dolly's cold can I put her in the toaster oven? Amy: No, honey, that would be a mistake. Morgan: Mommy? Amy: What? Morgan: I made a mistake.

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Notes (1)

  • The role of Topanga was originally intended for Christina Leigh. However; Danielle Fishel, who makes her debut in this episode, took over the role in a last minute casting change.

Trivia (6)

  • Cory and Topanga both get their first kiss in this episode.

  • Cory: I look like a Chia Pet! Chia Pets are a brand of collectible clay figurines that sprout chia, resembling hair or fur.

  • Shawn: Hey, touch football, my back yard, after school. Shawn's trailer park has backyards?

  • Shawn's sister, Stacy, is never mentioned again.

  • When Larry explains how he got out of detention, you can see Cory's lips mimic Larry's lines.

  • Mr. Feeny says he's taught many years of sixth grade, but we find out later that he's been Cory's teacher every year for his entire life.

Allusions (1)

  • Morgan: It's Punky Brewster! Punky Brewster was a show in the 1980s about a little orphan girl being raised by a foster father.