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  • 9.1

    Cory and Shawn help Frankie woo his true love, Harley\'s girlfriend. Meanwhile Alan makes a mistake and buys Amy a trash compactor for their anniversary.

    By piratefan1821, Dec 04, 2006

    this episode is funny at parts and it may not be one of the best but it is a good one and it has a good meaning behind it. Shawn and Eric both have some good funny parts in this episode. The episode has the idea of someone giving up their true love in order for someone that they truly an deeply care about to be happy. The Cyrano situation in this episode could have been more resembled more closer to the situation. However Cory and Shawn are the Cyrano even though they did not have feelings for Harley's girlfriend.moreless

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  • 8.8

    i dont know why, but i dont like this episode that much

    By fullhouse346, Aug 17, 2006

    this episode is pretty mediocre. i dont know why i think that, but its just not my favorite. frankie is going to beat cory and shawn up until they offer to help him instead. but they have to help fix frankie up with harleys girlfriend, gloria. and harley gets mad at them

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