Dangerous Secret

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    Cory basically tries to take it to the next level with Topanga,though they both aren't ready. He only does this because he thinks Shawn is sleeping with this girl,Claire when hes just hiding her because her father abuses her.

    By gmarie18, Jun 28, 2011

    This was a good episode. It shows they're all growing up. Shawn, by being responsible and trying to hide Claire when her father is abusing her, Cory by trying to take a step up with Topanga (even though they aren't ready) and Topanga, saying no to Cory cause she doesn't think it's the right time. They are all very much grown up from season one, when they were just awkward 6th graders.

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    Mediocre Episode

    By SitcomFan, Jun 28, 2011

    This is an OK episode, but it feels more like an after school special than a sitcom episode.

    There are some funny moments in the scenes where Cory is trying to "steal ninth base" with Topanga, but overall the episode has a serious tone. To be fair though, this should be serious. It deals with a very serious topic -- child abuse.

    The episode is very well-acted by all, and Rider Strong and Ariana Richards give especially convincing performances.

    This episode is made well, but I always feel cheated when I sit down to watch a sitcom, and it ends up being a public service message.moreless

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    By futuramarama, May 30, 2010

    Cory and Shawn's classmate Claire is abused by her father, so Shawn has her stay at his place. Cory gets involved and soon so does his parents, who make them go to the police. The episode ends with Shawn giving a number to tell the viewer to call if they know someone who is being abused.

    A good, emotional, serious episode. It also has some good humor but I find the seriousness of the final few moments to be great. Too bad we never saw Claire again, could have been a great reoccurring character. Anyways, overall grade is an A+moreless

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    Cory gets jelous when shawn has a girl spend the night, but things arent what they appear to be.

    By mistyann21, Mar 19, 2008

    Cory gets jelous when shawn has a girl spend the night, but things arent what they appear to be..

    Cory finds out that a girl stayed over with shawn all night, he gets jelous but shawn makes him sware not to tell and tells him that its not what it appears to be. Cory then ( awakardly I might add) trys to get topanga to go further the she wants and she ends up leaving. He tells shawn what happen and he gets mad. It turns out that the reason the girl stayed over was that her father was abusing her, Cory tells shawn he should have her go to the police but she refuses and shawn dosent think theyd help because he had SO much trouble with them in the past. In the end she ends up staying at corys and they put her on a bus to stay with her aunt. Cory and shawn come back to corys house and his parents catch them they tell them what was going on and they convince shawn that the best thing to do is to call the police. At the end they have a public service announcement about child abuse.

    This is one of my favorites episodes, it is so sad but it was really good to see a show like this that is usually just funny to have a episode about something REAL. Its a sad episode but it, In my opnion was one of the best.moreless

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