Dangerous Secret

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Quotes (6)

  • Amy: Cor, it's Friday night; aren't you going out with Topanga? Cory: Alright, you know what this family hasn't done in a long time? Sing.

  • Mr. Feeny (to Cory and Topanga): Normally I don't get involved in the personal affairs of my students, but you two are just so cute together.

  • Cory: You know what; you never even told me about your first time. Eric: Remember Mitchell Davis? Cory: There's an unexpected surprise. Why don't you tell me about your second time?

  • Eric: So, Shawn's rounding the bases, and your still chucking peanuts, up in the stands. Cory: I ain't even getting peanuts.

  • Claire: Cory, you won't tell anyone I was here, will you? Cory: Well, normally I would have told Shawn, but he already knows; unless he's just a complete idiot.

  • Eric: Cory, sex is like a bike without training wheels: If you try it before you're ready, you're gonna fall off and break your head.

Trivia (1)

  • After the closing credits, cast member Rider Strong does a Public Service Announcement on abused children.