Easy Street

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    By futuramarama, Jun 19, 2011

    What I liked: Shawn and Cory sleeping in Turner's class, Shawn challenging Turner on everything he says (What if I choose not to do the assignment?), Lonnie lying to Eric about her having to strip both of them naked when he was unconscious in the car, and his reaction (Oh great, I'm awake for the soup), amongst other moments.

    What this episode did well, like so many other episodes from this show, was combine humor with emotion. All the parts above were humorous, and the ending, with Shawn and Cory talking, was pretty emotional. That's why this show is so great, to me, is because they combine humor with emotion and it makes the episodes really entertaining. This isn't one of my favorite episodes of the series, or even the season from which it came, but it still is a pretty amazing episode. B+/A- is my final grademoreless

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    This was the season 4 Christmas episode and a real gift to fans.

    By rgn87, Jul 16, 2007

    "Easy Street" starts off in Mr. Turner's class room with Topnaga reading a poem to the class. Cory and Shawn are sleeping as usual. Mr. Feeny comes in, and he and mr turner tag team cory and shawn. Mr. Turner talks to the guys about choices, and the effect they can have on your life. Shawn brushes it off, but soon learns this lesson when his job at the dock stinks!! Literally. Cory has a cushy job at a coffee shop, but quits when he learns his employers are mobsters. Shawn stays there to help out, and makes a lot of money, and starts to feel big. this is another of many times Shawn tries to skip out on school and do his own thing. On christmas eve shawn almost stands up cory and his family, but cory comes to the rescue again, and Shawn is there in the end for a touching family photo. This episode was great and probably one of the better holiday episodes. It helped develop Shawn's character more, and it had a rare season 4 Mr. Turner appearance.moreless

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    Great Christmas Episode

    By SitcomFan, Jul 28, 2005

    This is a really great Christmas episode. There is a lot of humor and a surprisingly dramatic climax.

    First off, Buddy Hackett and Soupy Sales are hilarious. It is a blast watching them play mobsters!

    Lonnie and Eric's storyline is hilarious, too. I wish that Lonnie had been in more episodes. She and Eric play off each other perfectly.

    The dramatic climax where Shawn chooses to not deliver the box is very well played, and this whole scene really ends Shawn's struggle to be a "bad boy." Sure, he still pulls some pranks (like in the very next episode "B & B's B'n B"); but we know that he's not going to spend the rest of his life blowing up mailboxes. (See episode 17, "The Fugitive.")moreless

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