How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back

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Quotes (7)

  • Eric: Jack! This is amazing! I sneezed, and I saw a vision of you pouring milk onto your cereal! Jack: No; this is just more background information for the nice people at the asylum. Eric: You know, they were nice!

  • Eric: I am not a carnival act. Alright, yeah, I am a carnival act, but my sneezing is a gift. It’s a gift that should not be abused…unless, of course, we can use it to get chicks.

  • Angela: Cory, your party is the same night as Jerry Dervin’s. Cory: So? Rachel: Jerry Dervin’s party is the best party of the year. Cory: Oh, really? Shawn: Alright, look, it’s no big deal. We’ll uh…we’ll go to Cory and Topanga’s party, and then we’ll go to Dervin’s party and have some fun. Cory: Excuse me? Shawn: Don’t worry, Cory, we won’t leave until your party’s over. What? Your thing will be done by 10, right? Cory: Look carefully, Shawn. (holds up flyer) What does this say? Shawn: (reading flyer) No parents allowed. Nice touch. Cory: Thank you, thank you. Read on. Shawn: Uh, 8 o’clock to…question mark. Cory: Question mark, Shawny, do you know what that means? It means that nobody knows when this party’s gonna end, OK? Do you know? Shawn: No. Cory: Do I know? Shawn: No. Cory: It’s totally impossible to predict!

  • Shawn: OK, look. It's only 10 o'clock; we'll be back at Dervin's by 11. Angela: Cory does not want us here anyway. Shawn: That's what he said. What he meant was, "If you don't, I'll nag you 'til you bleed."

  • Dervin: This party better be good, Hunter. Dervin's party was awesome. Shawn: Shut up, Dervin!

  • Topanga: We have become your parents Cory: Never, ever mention my parents in bed again!

  • Jack: No, no, no! Eric: Yes! We've been down this road before, something amazing happens to me, you try to resist, but I pull you down anyway.

Trivia (3)

  • In Cory and Topanga's bedroom there is a penguin over the drawer which is the same bedtime penguin pal of Joey Tribbiani, from FRIENDS. You can see this at 3:23

  • Eric's second premonition tells him that there is a fire at the Peterman warehouse. This is a possible reference to the "disposable diaper Petermans" from It's About Time.

  • When Topanga takes the quiches out of the oven, she tells Corey to taste them and he does. If the quiches just came out of the oven, they would have burned his mouth.

Allusions (1)

  • Title: How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back This is taken from the 1998 film, How Stella Got Her Groove Back.