Me and Mr. Joad

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  • 5.6

    A well-written episode to show off a typical Cory and Shawn of season 2.

    By blue4t, Sep 07, 2006

    Mr. Turner promises the class there will be no test on a book as long as they read and have good discussion. In the end, to please Mr. Feeny, he gives the test and lead by Cory and Shawn the class walks out on him.

    This episode exemplifies the meaning of season 2. Mainly, in season 2, the meaning of the episode is shown through what Turner teaches the students. The book, The Grapes of Wrath is shown through Cory and Shawn putting up a stand against Turner going against his word to get whatever he can out of his students. This episode was well-written and it's moral was well-displayed.moreless

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  • 8.9

    mr turner goes back on a promise to his class

    By fullhouse346, Aug 17, 2006

    mr turner promises his class that there will be no test on the grapes of wrath as long as they pay attention and participate in class. but when mr feeny finds out about this and influences mr turner, mr turner gives a test and calls it a survey. the class is mad and cory and shawn lead them in a strike and end up walking out of school (just cory and shawn walk out). they eventually learn to listen to authorities (though there are many instances later in the show that they dont)moreless

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