Me and Mr. Joad

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  • Mr. Turner: What about Hunter and Matthews?
    Mr. Feeny: For those two, I shall have to go nuclear.
    Mr. Turner: And that would mean? Mr. Feeny: I shall call their mommies.

  • Cory: Wait a minute everybody! He can't punish the seventh grade class if there is no seventh grade class! We're a union, remember? And I say starting right here, right now, our union is on strike. Let's go, everyone. We're walking out of school. (Starts marching and singing) Look for the union label, is anybody behind you, my Shawn?
    Shawn: (Singing) I gotta tell you, there's no one with us, we're all alone here, I'm gonna bail!
    Cory: (Singing) You better not!

  • Mr. Turner: You're just kids. You sleep on sheets with little dinosaurs on them. Cory (sheepishly defensive): Rocketships.

  • Mr. Feeny: I realize that all you seventh graders are delicate, adolescent flowers just beginning your high school blooming; and so I say this with utmost sensitivity: Take this test...or die.

  • Shawn: You can't do that. Mr. Feeny: I can do whatever I want, I have the megaphone.

  • Cory: Well thinking's not our strong suit, Dad.

  • Mr. Turner: No, don't think of this as a test. It's a survey. Cory: Survey says? Class: Test!

  • (Mr. Turner, in a leather jacket carrying his motorcycle helmet, introduces himself to Amy as Cory's English teacher) Amy: You wear a helmet? Mr. Turner: I fall off the desk a lot.

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Trivia (1)

  • Topanga is not in this episode. An un-named girl with black hair sits in the chair she usually occupies.

Allusions (3)

  • Cory: Survey says, test! "Survey says" is a popular phrase from the TV show Family Feud.

  • Title: Me and Mr. Joad The Joad family referenced in the title are the protagonists in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. This book inspires Cory and Shawn to unionize the students.

  • Title: Me and Mr. Joad The title is a play on the song, Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul.