Model Family

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  • 8.7

    pretty good episode

    By fullhouse346, Aug 17, 2006

    cory is assigned to be in a group with shawn topanga and minkus to be the "perfect family". meanwhile, eric attempts to become a model and ends up in a lobster suit (hahhahah). cory learns that no family is ever perfect and there is no one way a family has to be. this episode is pretty funny, but not my absolute favorite one.

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  • 9.3

    In an assignment on "The perfect family" Mr. Feeny has paired up his four prize students, Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Minkus to form a family.

    By KASsmiley42, Aug 13, 2006

    This episode, if not my favorite, has to be one of my definate favorites from the first season. The project is a great main-plot, surrounded by Eric's subplot in the modeling industry, makes this episode superb. What I liked about the project was that the four wrote their perfect husband, wife, brother, and brother. This episode also features a cameo by model Kathy Ireland. I like Alan and Amy's interactions in this episode as the flip-sides on how to deal with Eric. Jason plays a funny part in this episode as well. I have to say this is definately one of the best of this season, and I hope I'm not alone.moreless

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