Once in Love With Amy

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  • Alan: Where are Eric and Cory?
    Shawn: They went to the library.
    Alan: The public library? The one that closes at 9 ?
    Shawn: No. The other one.

  • Alan: Morgan, what are you doing up? It's 10:15.
    Morgan: Shawn was just teaching me how to play 5-Card-
    Shawn: Go Fish! 5 card Go Fish
    Morgan: 'Jacks or better to open'

  • Morgan: (playing cards with Shawn) I have three daddies and two mommies.
    Shawn: A full house?!?!
    Morgan: Full House?!?! I LOVE those Olsen Twins!

  • Alan: I'm gonna put Morgan to bed, and then you an I are gonna talk a little more.
    Shawn: Kind of like a relationship building thing?
    Alan: No. (Goes upstairs)
    Shawn: Huh. For the first time in my life, I'm in trouble with someone else's dad!

  • Cory (about the rose Alan is holding): Hey dad, I'm pretty sure Mr. Feeny numbers those things. Alan: Well, this was hanging on our side of the fence so its number is up.

  • Eric: Okay, here's a hypothetical question. Let's say you're a girl, and you see me stumble into your best friend's lap and inadvertently French kiss her. Now you won't go out with me. (shakes Shawn) Why won't you go out with me?! Shawn: I'm a little country, you're a little rock-n-roll?

  • Mr. Feeny: Mr. Minkus, you're wrong. Minkus: Wrong? As in, not right? Mr. Feeny: You know the law of averages better than I do, it was bound to catch up with you. (Minkus gets up and quickly walks out of the classroom) Mr. Feeny: Where are you going? Minkus: Nurse.

  • Cory: Yeah? If there's no bowling league, why is my Mom going out with this big, heavy... (lifts up bag and realizes how light it is) Cory: Eric, something's wrong, this doesn't weigh anything. Eric: Well maybe Mom forgot her ball. (Eric & Cory lift shoes out of the bag) Shawn: ...And if those are bowling shoes there should be a number on the back, just above the spike heel. (Eric pulls out a black dress) Cory: Eric, what does this mean? Eric: It means Mom's gonna' be flashin' some leg when she picks up that seven-ten split.

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Trivia (1)

  • In response to Mr. Feeny's math problem, if one person washes a car in 6 min and another person takes 8 min to wash the same car, it would take approximately 3 min and 26 seconds to wash the car together. The point was not that the problem doesn't have an answer, but that in order to solve it, the kids must think differently than they have before.

Allusions (2)

  • Shawn: I'm a little bit country, you're a little bit rock 'n' roll? This references the song by The Osmonds.

  • Title: Once in Love With Amy The episode title comes from the song of the same name written by Frank Loesser.