Santa's Little Helper

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  • Minkus: Ah, Christmas. Season of togetherness. Season of brotherhood.
    Cory: Season of wool. Nine out of ten Christmas gifts, wool. It doesn't matter if it's shaped like socks or a sweater. It's wool, and it's itchy.
    Minkus: The gift isn't as important as the thought behind it.
    Cory: What's the thought behind wool? This kid doesn't scratch enough?

  • Shawn: How come it's called A Christmas Carol, anyway. Cory: Yeah, there is nobody in this story named Carol.

  • Mr. Feeny: And so ends Dickens' masterpiece; A Christmas Carol. Shawn: Wait a minute; that's not the end. Where's the Grinch?

  • Mr. Feeny: You know what my favorite part about Christmas is? Cory: I go away for a week? Mr. Feeny: Yeah, that's pretty special.

  • Shawn (about a basketball net he gave Cory): It belonged to my dad. It's real old so it might not be genuine imitation nylon. Cory: Whoa, if it's that old it could be actual nylon.

  • Mr. Feeny (as Santa Claus): Well now, little Morgan, tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Cory: Good grades for your big brother! Mr. Feeny: Ho, ho, ho.

  • Alan: You know, Cor, when I was a kid Christmas was about appreciating your gifts because they were given with love. Cory: Oh, right. Glad that's over.

  • Morgan (about the elf): I think he was mad at me. Alan: He wasn't mad at you. Morgan: Then why did he call me a demon child?

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Trivia (2)

  • At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Feeny is reading the end of A Christmas Carol. However, the book is clearly open to the beginning.

  • Near the end of the episode, Shawn gives Cory an old basketball net he says he found while cleaning his garage. Shawn lives in a trailer park.