Sister Theresa

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Quotes (6)

  • Alan: Welcome home, Cory. Your wreath is here. Cory: Wow, look at that. Alan: Yes. That alone would've been excessive, but wait, there's more. Your very own lifesize candy clown! Morgan: Whoa. Can I play with him? Cory: Sure, and then you can eat him. Morgan: Why can't life always be like this?

  • Mr. Feeny: TK loves CM. Now what could that possibly stand for? Cory: Well, I think someone named TK apparently loves...corn muffins? Mr. Feeny: Would you like to take another shot at that, Mr. Matthews? Cory: No sir, that was the best I could do. See you in detention? Mr. Feeny: Yes, it seems unavoidable.

  • Cory: Eric! How do I look? Eric: Like a ventriliquist dummy. Cory: Perfect. Eric: You know, I thought you had a date but apparently you're going to Sears to take pictures for Grandma.

  • Cory: That girl...she wrote seven numbers on my hand. What could that possibly mean? Shawn: It means call her! Cory: Shawn, how can I call her when I don't even have her-ooooh!

  • Cory: I'm trying to be as unappealing to this girl as possible. Eric: That's good. Play your strengths.

  • Cory: Last night T.K. and me talked on the phone for two hours. That beats my previous time spent on the phone with a girl by like...two hours.

Trivia (2)

  • How could Alan have 3 signatures signed before he signed for the steaks if all Cory got was the wreath and the candy clown?

  • We learn that Harley's real name is Harvey.

Allusions (1)

  • Title: Sister Theresa The episode's title is, of course, a reference to famed nun Mother Theresa of Calcutta.