Train of Fools

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  • Train Conductor: (makes an unintelligible announcement)
    Cory: What'd he say?
    Eric: He said, "Cory, go lick the third rail".

  • Amy: Why does that limo look so strange? Alan: Maybe because it's a hearse?

  • Shawn: Cory! For New Year's Eve, I got us a limousine. Cory: A limousine? Shawn: Yeah, it's short for limo.

  • Eric (to a random little boy on the train): So Timmy, hey tiger here's the plan. I'm gonna lower you down. When your feet hit the tracks I want you to start running. You're gonna find this girl and give her this note. OK? Take the note Timmy. Now run like the wind.

  • Cory: It's nice to see you in a better mood, brother. Eric: Just die.

  • Eric: Okay, if I can just pry my fingers into the door...they would get stuck! Like this; OW!

  • Cory: Look, Eric. The man was obviously an imposter, OK. I mean, for all I know he was going to take us to some warehouse and cut out our livers. Shawn: Hey, no biggie. I've already had mine out.

  • Eric: Oh Dad, thanks for giving birth to me! Amy: I was there too! Eric: Oh, right! Kudos, Mom.

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  • Eric: Your first born, the fruit of your looms, has a date with Rebecca-Alexa. Fruit of the Loom is an underwear company.

  • Title: Train of Fools This references the song "Chain of Fools," recorded by Aretha Franklin.