Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

Funky Bunny / The Going Bananas Republic

Season 1, Ep 5, Aired 8/28/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Funky Bunny: Brandy is preparing for the Harrington Ball, which is a formal dance that the Harrington's have every year. Since Brandy cannot attend the real one, she is doing her best to ensure that she makes one for herself that is superb. Unfortunately, due to all the work she was doing to make the Ball perfect, Brandy forgot to get herself a date! Brandy doesn't want to be stuck with Mr. Whiskers, but will she be able to find a new date in such a short notice? The Going Bananas Republic: Brandy and Mr. Whiskers try to go to a swimming hole, though they are stopped by some of Gaspar Le Gecko's henchmen. Gaspar proclaims that since he is leader of the Amazon he can do what he wants, but that isn't something Brandy is going to permit. Brandy tries to convince the jungle denizens to get Gaspar to hold an election, but will Brandy be able to get an election going properly, and if she does, who will run against Gaspar?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jennifer Hale


  • Sherri Shepherd

    Cheryl & Meryl

  • Alanna Ubach

    Lola Boa

  • Kaley Cuoco

    Brandy Harrington

  • John Behnke

  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • Do The Funky Bunny,Mr.Whiskers Runs for Jungle Leader.

    By Clockerevac12, Apr 17, 2006

  • Both great episodes.

    By crazysilence, Apr 16, 2006

  • Both these episodes were very entertaining.

    By packymaster, Apr 12, 2006

  • These are two pretty good episodes, but I just felt that Brandy was potrayed very well albeit, mean and controlling; she wanted to be treated like a queen.

    By dewsid, Feb 25, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (18)

    • Brandy: (asking Ed to go to the ball with her) Is that a "yes" or a "no"? Ed: Well, it's neither a "yes" or a "no". It's-it's-it's both. It's a "yo". The balance between man and woman... (Whiskers appears) Whiskers: Uh, Brandy. This is gonna be a while.

    • Gaspar: I wanted to make you an offer. Mr. Whiskers: Well, if it’s about trying to switch long distance carriers, then forget it pal! We don’t even have a phone! Gaspar: (to the screen) I still can’t believe I lost to that guy.

    • Brandy: (to Mr. Whiskers) You’re like a kid brother, and going to a dance with your kid brother is no way to shine like a diamond.

    • Brandy: Thank you, Whiskers, you saved the ball! Mr. Whiskers: I had to Brandy; it was your moment to shine. Brandy: I did, but you’re the one who shined.

    • Mr. Whiskers: Can you explain this to me again? Brandy: It’s the annual Harrington Family Ball; obviously I won’t be able to attend the real one this year.

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    Notes (2)

    • This episode was up for "Major Makeover" in Disney Channel's New Year's Eve House Party (2005). The show lost to That's So Raven and Sister, Sister, but beat Kim Possible.

    • This episode re-aired on November 2nd, 2004, as a part of Disney Channel's Election Selections.

    Trivia (1)

    • In ''The Going Banana Republics'', Brandy's bellybutton disappears several times while she's wearing her bathing suit.

    Allusions (1)

    • The episode title 'The Going Bananas Republic' is a play on the term "banana republic", which applied to poor countries that were typically in Central America, that were usually of a non-democratic government. Gaspar's government in this episode would be considered a banana republic.

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