Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl

Season 1, Ep 13, Aired 12/17/04
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  • Episode Description
  • On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl: Brandy is upset because Christmas is coming and she misses spending Christmas at her home, surrounded by her family and luxurious items. However, since the jungle denizens don’t understand what Christmas is really all about, Brandy explains it to them, but then remembers about Santa Claus. Brandy believes she’ll be able to get Santa to give her a ride home, so she starts spreading the joy of Christmas around the Amazon in order to get Santa’s attention; though when Santa does arrive, he explains that Brandy was on his naughty list and that he cannot take her home, so she throws a lump of coal at him in rage which causes Santa to crash. Brandy decides to do Santa’s job for him in order to save Christmas and get home at the same time, though will she be able to convince herself to actually go home, despite all that has occurred?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Kenny


  • Jennifer Hale


  • Sherri Shepherd

    Cheryl & Meryl

  • Alanna Ubach

    Lola Boa

  • Kaley Cuoco

    Brandy Harrington

  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • Christmas comes to the Amazon...

    By Trey_Vore, Dec 24, 2005

  • A great episode to put people in the holiday spirit.

    By Vipper_devil, Nov 26, 2005

  • This episode is very heartwarming. Christmas is about giving.

    By dewsid, Aug 27, 2005

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Mr. Whiskers: Tell me once again about how Santa does it. Brandy: When we are all asleep and only when we are asleep, Santa sneaks in. (Brandy realizes what she said) I mean, sweetly tip toes in and… Mr. Whiskers: Puts us in his bag and throws us in his crock-pot! Brandy: He has no intentions of eating us! Mr. Whiskers: Oh yeah, have you seen the gut on that guy?

    • Brandy: (landing Santa’s sleigh) Hey Whiskers, since we’re almost back in Florida, maybe you should take a practice run alone. Mr. Whiskers: Sure thing, fee fie foe! Brandy: That’s ho ho ho! Mr. Whiskers: Whatever! You say it your way, I’ll say it mine.

    • Brandy: (explaining a Harrington Christmas) There’s the sterling silver Christmas tree, the diamond studded mistletoe and snow. Mr. Whiskers: Snow, in Florida? Brandy: We have it shipped in for the holidays. Mr. Whiskers: (looking at Ed) Sweet!

    • Mr. Whiskers: Seeing all this stuff brings out the true meaning of Christmas: expensive stuff rocks!

    • Mr. Whiskers: Hey Brandy, we have to help Santy! Brandy: What, five minutes ago you thought Santa was a homicidal maniac. Mr. Whiskers: Never underestimate the power of the candy cane!

    Notes (1)

    • This is the first episode to consist in one 22 minute episode, while the other episodes are split into two 11 minute episodes.

    Allusions (1)

    • The episode title is a reference to the trademark call that Santa Claus is said to make when his sled takes off.

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