Brandy & Mr. Whiskers

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  • Brandy: Cell phone?! Oh, my gosh! Do you know what this means? Mr. Whiskers: Yes! We can order...PIZZA!

  • (Brandy is sunbathing when a lemur walks across her gut) Brandy: Oof! Hey, any chance I could get a fruit plate or something? Lemur: Fruit for ze pooch? (A bunch of lemurs rattle the tree, bombarding Brandy with fruit. Her head gets stuck inside of a coconut) Brandy: Fruit plate… (Brandy pulls off the coconut) …plate?! (a plate is dropped on her head, side first) Brandy: Ow! No wonder they call it a jungle.

  • Mr. Whiskers: Hello ladies! Female Anteater: I think a man with a stroller is hot! Mr. Whiskers: You don’t say? (he begins to flex and pose)

  • Brandy: (referring to the clearing) So, it’s like a mall? Lola: Sure, I guess. (to Cheryl and Meryl) What’s a mall?

  • Momma Crock: I know this is last moment, but I desperately need someone to watch my eggs; we’re going upstream to eat some eco-tourists.

  • Gaspar: A thousand pardons for disturbing you, seniorita, allow me to introduce myself. I am Gaspar Le Gecko, Dictator / entrepreneur / musical director of this rainforest.

  • Ed: Well, hello Mr. Whiskers. How are you doing today?

  • (After arriving at the clearing, in which she thought it would be like a mall) Brandy: You’ve got to be kidding me, this is not a mall! Malls have stores and movie theaters and food courts! Not filthy animals bathing in their own drinking water!

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Notes (32)

  • This episode was up for "Catchiest Catch Phrase" in Disney Channel's New Year's Eve House Party (2005). The show lost to That's So Raven, Kim Possible and Dave the Barbarian.

  • This episode was also the pilot for Brandy & Mr. Whiskers. And was originally suppose to air on Friday, August 20, 2004, but it was later changed to Saturday, August 21, 2004.

  • This is the first episode of the series, along with three other episodes that aired for a total of two hours starting at 8/7C, part of an animated block called Magnet-Tude.

  • "To The Moon" can be found on the Game Boy Advance Video Cartridge Disney Channel Collection Volume 2.

  • Brandon Sawyer, who wrote "Cyranosaurus Rex" was nominated for "Writing in an Animated Television" in the 2005 Annie Awards.

  • Rossen Varbanov, who storyboarded in "To The Moon, Whiskers" was nominated for "Storyboarding in an Animated Production" in the 2005 Annie Awards.

  • Aired in part with three other episodes for a two hour period to celebrate the premiere.

  • Aired in part with three other episodes for a two hour period to celebrate the premiere.

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Trivia (10)

  • Nitpick: In the episode "Cyranosaurus Rex", Mr. Whiskers mentions that he would go along with Brandy’s plan as long as it didn’t involve changing his underwear. However, in the episode "To the Moon, Whiskers", he wishes for new underwear on the falling star.

  • Goof: In the episode "Happy Birthdays", when Mr. Whiskers thinks Brandy is talking about Christmas, he mentions Santa and says he needs to write him a list. However, this episode takes place before "On Whiskers, On Lola, On Cheryl and Meryl", in which he was terribly afraid of Santa in that episode.

  • In ''The Going Banana Republics'', Brandy's bellybutton disappears several times while she's wearing her bathing suit.

  • Goof: When Brandy is telling Lorenzo about his face being pictured in the dictionary under the word "annoying" (before her head starts inflating), Brandy's mouth is missing for one frame.

  • Goof: After getting no sleep in "Taking Paws", Brandy and Mr. Whiskers have bags under their eyes. However, when a ball of yarn hits Whiskers in the head, the bags under their eyes suddenly disappear.

  • Goof: When Brandy and Mr. Whiskers go to the temple to get the game back. They call it a Mayan Temple, however, the Maya never settled in Brazil.

  • In the ad for Brandy's Youth Gel, the price is said to be 5 shiny rocks, but if you look closely during the ad, you can see a message that says "3 EASY PAYMENTS OF 5 SHINY ROCKS."

  • During the commercial for Brandy's Youth Gel, we can see Brandy's address. Manufacturers Jungle P.O. BOX Tree House Call: 1-905-555-3177

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Allusions (24)

  • Title: The Baby Sitter's Flub This is a refrence to the series, The Baby Sitter's Club.

  • Episode title: "To the Moon, Whiskers" The episode title "To the Moon, Whiskers" is a reference to the famous line said by Ralph from The Honeymooners. Brandy's head, in the title graphic, is even in a body that resembles Ralph's.

  • The episode title 'The Going Bananas Republic' is a play on the term "banana republic", which applied to poor countries that were typically in Central America, that were usually of a non-democratic government. Gaspar's government in this episode would be considered a banana republic.

  • Brandy: I’m Brandy. Not Super Brandy. Not Wonder Brandy. Not Brandy Lass; just Brandy. This is a reference to several super-heroines, she references Supergirl and Wonder Woman, and quite possibly Lava Lass.

  • The episode ‘The Monkey’s Paw’ is a reference to a 1902 short story by the same name, which even had a similar plot to the episode.

  • In the episode 'The Curse of the Vampire Bat' there was a character named Vlad. This may be a reference to "Vlad the Impaler" who is a very violent historic figure. His history gave Bram Stoker the inspiration for the creation of "Dracula." There is also a half-ghost character named Vlad from the Danny Phantom series, in which he is the main arch-villain of that show, though he does look similar to a vampire while he is in his ghost form.

  • Brandy made the same wish as Squidward from the 'You Wish' episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, but only on the alternate ending.

  • The episode title is a reference to the trademark call that Santa Claus is said to make when his sled takes off.

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