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    I enjoyed Bratz, Screw all the crappy as reviews down here. (Trust me I have seen better

    By quwandaakins, Aug 11, 2014

    Nothing to serious but the fact that...

    Half of these people work for bird freak. All Bratz fans would know who I am referencing to..


    A little hint. She looks like a Mutated 40yr old barbie...

    Anyways; This show was mainly my childhood, and I am glad.

    I must say I enjoyed it better than barbie anyday :3

    <3 Bratz! :3

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    Decent, but much improvement needed.

    By Aldrea956, Dec 21, 2012

    Bratz was the more "Modern" version of Barbie. More exagerated, more daring in clothing design, and more suberficial in some ways. While Barbie has been the hero of a variety of specialties and the icon of half a century of girls' toys, the Bratz are what Barbie was when she first came out: purely a fasion line. So when the show started airing, it didn't exactly have much of it's own line to go on. So it ran on more stereotypes than substance, and it SHOWS, till it got a foothold in good media. Unfortunately, that foothold is still in the process of being found, so to that it's own.

    Premise: The "Bratz", a group of friends, go on adventures while trying to find substance to work with for their magazine. Fair premise, at least in idea. They have an end goal, they have a job, and they (Should) have characterization beyond stereotypes. Unfortunately, it hits only a few of these ideas, and never all the way.

    Characterization: Lacking, but not invisible. Some of the episodes, such as Cinderella or Kidnapped, give more insight into the characters, but it's far inbetween and usually of another person than the main main character. Had some of the characterizations been expanded upon, there could have been some really interesting situations to it.

    Dialogue: Unnatural and stilted at points. It really depended on the point in the episode.

    Plot: Usually pretty cliche with an aesop at the end. Sometimes ran thin, but typically not too bad in terms of length.

    Setting: Fair, but with no variation from the movies.

    Animation: On par with Barbie. Read: not at all impressive, and it times laughable.moreless

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    You guys are all wrong -.-

    By GenesisHires, Oct 15, 2012

    Well, first, Bratz IS NOT a show! It's movies on the different adventures they've gone through. Example ? There is Bratz BABY'z, Bratz Kid'z, and Bratz Teen''z. The people who are saying they dress badly...IT'S A C A R T O O N! You don't want your kids to dress like them? Then don't let them. Point blank. Oh, and the outfits are not inappropriate (yes I spelled it wrong), Yes, there shirts are SOMETIMES a bit above their belly button, does that matter? Teen's these days wear worse! Instead of complaining on how the look, think about what they teach kids. Bratz teach kids that anything can happen if you put your mind to it! Or doesn't matter how tall, small or anything to try and win. Bratz also shows how friendships can have its days, but in the end, your BFF's and you can do anything. It also shows loyalty, trust, girl power, being nice to one another, and teamwork! C:moreless

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    Can even make a child's life go down.

    By DreadAngelus, Jun 20, 2012

    This show has potential! To ruin things!

    Plot: Bratz consists of a five girls, that always whines about their hair, boys, appearance and nothing else.

    Characters: Serves as a bad influence for children, they have ridiculous clothes that are promiscuous. And their attitude too! Can make kids go down in their teenage years! The characters always does what a person with a low IQ would do. Voices are annoying because of their frequent whining, but the other characters besides those girls, are okay.

    Issues: Read Above. This deserves the category "Issues".

    Art: Less colorful than it's crap spinoff "Trollz". Which is okay, the animation is poor this time.

    Overall: -5.1. This show is somewhat an abomination to me. Avoid ASAP.moreless

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    I can't even survive 5 minutes of this show

    By Woahwoah312, Nov 16, 2011

    Just so you know,I'm a boy,and I don't play with dolls. Especially these things. Bratz are basically toy dolls. Then,a TV show came one,and it has got to be one of the worst cartoons ever to hit TV. The show follows the misadventures of four stereotypical girls Chloe,Sasha,Yasmin and Jade,who run a magazine,and try to get the scoop. Ah,how original! (Sarcasm) The first thing you will notice about this show is the animation. It's done in CGI,and you guessed it,it looks horrible. But this show has got to be the worse show I've seen with CGI. Everything looks so flashy,and blurry,making you look blind. It looks more like an outdated PC game than a show. The characters are no better at all,and stereotypical is not just the word to describe them. They are snobbish,rude,boy obsessed girls who only care about make-up and being popular. And then we have the villain,Burdine Maxwell. Her mission:To stop the girls from getting the big scoop. Ahhh,what a great villain. (More sarcasm). So yeah,this show is just horrible. Unless you want to be blind or disturbed,don't watch this show,or don't play with the dolls,or don't even think about watching that idiotic 2007 movie.moreless

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    it is a pretty good show!!

    read my review !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By grapes2001, Jun 13, 2011

    most boy hate it and i mean hate it now i dont i just dont get to see it a lot the only way i can see it is by youtube!! But my brother was the 1 who made me want to watch it because he was the 1 who gave me a video game of bratz!! so can someone tell me what channel is it on!!! thank you and have a nice day! and also it should not be canceled !! so boys back of girls. leave us be. and back of of us. why do you even care what we watch.... thank you very much!moreless

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    No wonder they are called Bratz, that's what they are!

    By Nicktoonsfan, Jun 13, 2011

    It's about spoiled big-headed girls that spend money on useless things. These dolls would teach the little girls to be spoiled and rotten! What happened to just plain old Barbie? Now they are into this Bratz crud. Which brings up a matter, Bratz is just a stupid-looking rip-off of Barbie. Now they have their own show. Oh God no! TV is failing as it is, do we really need the Bratz to make it worse? Exactly what's the point of Bratz? They're just Barbie wannabes with a stupid cartoon! This show really describes the Bratz, they're spoiled and rotten! No offence to any fans, this show is just meaningless to me.moreless

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    Even if you are a girl and a die hard Bratz fan, it's just not possible to enjoy this show.

    By That_TV_Dude, Mar 04, 2011

    Bratz the TV show was an unneeded cartoon based on a bad toy line that may have sound cute to the girls who love them, but it's jsut a waste of time. Bratz follows the story of 4 girls who have a passion for fashion and run a magazine company, but they must also face a rival company who wants to defeat them. Thought the premise was stupid? Well that's the last problem with this show. The show is one of those CGI cartoons and like most of them, the CGI is terrible. The colors are way too bright even for a kids show, the characters are terribly designed, and the animation for the CGI is really choppy. The stories are terrible and are not interesting in the least bit. It' just either the girls traveling to look for scoops for their magazines or trying out clothes. Boring nonetheless. There is absolutely no humor at all in this show at all and whatever attempts at humor there are just fail epically. The villain, Burdine Maxwell, is disgraceful. All he cares about is making sure the Bratz don't get the next big scoop. Isn't there any other scoops to get instead of the ones the girls try to get? Again I know this is a girls show, but even if you are a girl and you have to own or see everything that is related to the Bratz, do yourself an enormous favor and please stay away from this show. It's not worth the time, no matter how big of a Bratz fan you are.moreless

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    I only liked the zombie episode, Burdine, and the Tweevils. That was it.

    By MadameCat, Feb 03, 2011

    Gee, I only liked the zombie episode (there's something about pink zombies that turns a personal old fetish I have on) the design of Burdine and the Tweevils, and--that was it. Other than that, the show bit. The protagonists whine about how their clothes aren't in fashion, how Burdine is "gross and disgusting" and how each plot is about Burdine trying to find a scoop for her stupid magazine. We were supposed to hate her? I thought she was somewhat sympathetic, if not a touch insane. But, that was just me. The boyfriends are all recolors of one another, and that just kills the "be yourself" aesop they were milking.moreless

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