Breaker High

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  • Sean: Hey! The Samoans have a totally different standard of beauty.

  • Jimmy: Welcome to my new show called Oh So You Think That's Gross? Listeners call in with something that they found disgusting and I'll talk with it. Lemme get the ball rolling here. Today I ate a moldy English muffin with jam on it. Oh so you think that's gross? It was toe jam.

  • Cassidy: Hey, Max, the A.C.'s cranking inside, you should go in! Max: Nah, heat doesn't bother me. Cassidy: Look, just because you hate me is no reason to suffer out here.

  • Sean: So 180 kids, 10 bucks a pop, minus expenses and uh... Jimmy: (Jimmy steps on a basket, breaks it and falls) Dude check it out man. Sean: Minus damages! (Throws a paper pineapple at Jimmy) Comes to just under 1600 dollars! Tamira: Sean you're awesome! Captain Ballard! Wait til i tell him and my mom! Jimmy: Why are you making such a big deal out of this? Tamira: Oh I'm always impressed by people who can do math.

  • Jimmy: So Sean man, this is your best score yet, man what are you gonna do with all the cash? Seam: Well you now me, I'm just uh probably gonna waste it on some babe.

  • Sean: The Brady Bunch Party. Alex: Ten bucks for one of your cheese-fests? Five was bad enough. Sean: First of all, that hurt. Second of all, it's inflation baby, everything's going up. Do you know how much it costs to see a movie these days? Alex: Sean we don't have to pay to see movies on the ship. Sean: You know you're right. Memo to self: find a way to make some money off of showing movies off this boat. Oh and you're so beautiful baby, oh yeah!

  • Tamira: Here are your drinks. Enjoy them or whatever. Alex: Something wrong with Tamira? Ashley: Her hair, her clothes, her personality, where should we start?

  • Ashley (reading a letter): "Dear Ms. Southern Teen, since coming aboard Breaker Hgih my hair has been like nightmare on frizz-street. The salt hair is completely un-doing my do. Can you help? Signed, wearing a lot of big hats." Dear Wearing, All I can say is, you call that a problem? I'll tell you what's a problem. A lop-sided eyebrow waxing the night before the talent competition, now that is a problem.

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  • It seems odd that three young girls are allowed to stay in a monastery populated by men, and that they wouldn't stay in a separate building.

  • At the beginning of this episode when Cassidy ties Jimmy's shoelaces together, but if you look close they are not tied together and when he falls into the pool his legs are spread apart.

  • A guy keeps passes behind Tamira. In the next scene, the same guy walks the same trail again.

  • Denise's score was first shown as 500, but when she and Alvin tied, it was shown as 450.

  • When Ashley buys her milkshake, she walks away without paying.