Breaking Bad


Season 5, Ep 10, Aired 8/18/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Skyler's past catches up with her while Walt needs to cover his own tracks. Jesse continues to struggle with guilt. (Written by Thomas Schnauz. Directed by Michelle MacLaren.)

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bryan Cranston

    Walter White

  • Anna Gunn

    Skyler White

  • Aaron Paul

    Jesse Pinkman

  • Bob Odenkirk

    Saul Goodman

  • Betsy Brandt

    Marie Schrader

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  • Very Good

    By efonsecajr, Aug 23, 2013

  • An episode not exploiting the full potential of the current storyline

    By nananabatman, Feb 13, 2014

  • Buried

    By futuramarama, Jan 07, 2014

  • I can believe it.

    By BevinChu, Oct 16, 2013

  • Buried

    By thefanof, Sep 11, 2013

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  • Notes (1)

    • This episode was dedicated to Thomas Schnauz Sr., the father of one of the show's writers.

    Trivia (5)

    • The production team had to rent the storage unit for over a year just to keep the same unit for use in the brief scene in this episode. The money pile had to be rebuild and according to Vince Gilligan and Michelle MacLaren, it was quite expensive to get that scene.

    • The decision not to film the shooting spree near the end of the episode was not to save money and/or time. Vince and Michelle note on the podcast that the scene is really about Lydia and it actually looked better on the script to not show the shooting spree. Interestingly, the bus was found at a junkyard and brought to the stage set. The production team created the inside of the bus and a large structure to film it from all angles. The outside shot was filmed at a location and was another concrete basin.

    • According to the podcast, both Thomas Schnauz and Vince Gilligan said that one of the hardest things to write this season was the confrontation and consequences of Skyler meeting with Hank to discuss Walt. The writing team went through hundreds of scenarios in the process of selecting the most dramatic course of action.

    • The crew had to create the playground that Jesse ventured off to in this episode because there was actually no park there. Also the location with a hill was actually surprisingly hard to find in the city because ABQ is really flat. Michelle MacLaren used brought in the technocrane again to get another interesting camera angle: filming Jesse straight down while he lay on the turning glider.

    • Entering the GPS coordinates into Google (+34° 32' 57.00", -106° 36' 52.00") appears to be located on an abandoned street. 24 Recato Loop, Belen, NM, 87002. According to Vince in the podcast, they were originally going to use a To'hajiilee location, but didn't want fans to go over to the reservation where they filmed the scenes. Therefore, the GPS coordinates are said to be Q Studios in New Mexico.

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    • jmikeh Feb 04, 2016

      Lone Wolf McQuade. Loved it.

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    • RyanMassie Aug 18, 2013

    • RyanMassie Aug 18, 2013


    • patsully Aug 19, 2013

      How about Jesse discovering that Mike has been "buried" (not literally).

    • Vicky8675309 Aug 18, 2013

      ignore the spam below--it takes you in around about way to episode 9 (better ways to see episode 9 then the link below) NOT episode 10 (buried)

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