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    • heisenberg101 Aug 26, 2013

      I think the reviewer is giving the DEA too much credit. It really won't matter how great a DEA boss Hank was. Once Walt can prove that Hank's physical therapy money is meth money (knowing Walt, I'm sure he kept some kind of paper trail) then like Hank said - it's the nail in the coffin. That evidence would damage Hank's reputation and cause enough suspicions in the DEA for him to be screwed.

      Why didn't Hank pay for the therapy himself if he was truly a secret drug kingpin? Again, doesn't matter. The DEA would absolutely distance themselves from Hank once they realized meth money was in the picture. They would hang Hank out to dry and their investigation into both Walt and Hank would get very serious very quickly. It wouldn't just ruin Hank's career, it would most likely ruin his life.

      There's too much suspicious activity (Walt and Hank's initial ride along, their Gus stakeouts, getting into a car accident on the way to a meth superlab, the fact that Walt knows how the bomb that killed Gus was made) that I really don't think even Saul could get Hank out of a courtroom scot-free. Well, actually, it is Saul Goodman so maybe he could.

    • Uma Aug 26, 2013

      When you work in a government agency, background investigations are pretty common when you are up for a promotion and the like. It would be hard for Hank to pull out his meth money to pay for his treatment without someone noticing so in that sense it is believable that he would have Walt do it.

    • natesjokes Aug 26, 2013

      Plus, it was Hank that initially pushed the DEA to investigate Gus in the first place, so it would all seem to add up what Walt was saying in the confession video.