Dean Norris Spoils the End of Breaking Bad

By Andrew_Moore

Aug 26, 2013

It's hard to believe one of the main cast members would give so much away!

(Thanks to Grumpyclown for finding an embed that works!)
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  • dh4645 Aug 27, 2013

    ha, funny, love when he reveals his hair. ha

  • tnetennba Aug 27, 2013

    I was afraid to click the link to this page because of the title, but I'm glad I did. This was actually funny.

  • J_Pip Aug 26, 2013

    I would watch Mineral Man in a heartbeat. Thank you Dean, that was super damn funny.

  • Grumpyclown Aug 26, 2013

    Here you go

  • Andrew_Moore Aug 26, 2013


  • Grumpyclown Aug 26, 2013

    no prob. i had the same problems embedding videos from FOD before