Breaking Bad


Season 5, Ep 14, Aired 9/15/13
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  • Everyone copes with radically changed circumstances in different ways. (Directed by Rian Johnson.)

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bryan Cranston

    Walter White

  • Anna Gunn

    Skyler White

  • Aaron Paul

    Jesse Pinkman

  • Bob Odenkirk

    Saul Goodman

  • Betsy Brandt

    Marie Schrader

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  • "I saw her

    By craigraby, Jul 24, 2014

  • My name is Ozymandias, king of TV series episodes and films alike.

    By nananabatman, Feb 15, 2014

  • Incredible!

    By innit, Jan 18, 2014

  • Best Episode

    By futuramarama, Jan 07, 2014

  • Most Overrated 40 Minutes of Televsion of all time!

    By SurvivalAwesometacular, Jan 05, 2014

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    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

    • Music
      The Limeliters - "Take My True Love by the Hand"
      "Times Are Gettin' Hard, Boys"

    • AMC entered a media black out period for the last three episodes of the series. No previews, screeners, or other information will be sent out to media in advance of the episode airings.

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    • This episode was rated on average, a perfect 10, by more than 60,000 users.

    • This episode received universal acclaim and Vince Gilligan stated on the episode podcast that he considered it the series' best.

    • The scene where Walt is changing Holly in the public bathroom and she says her first word, "mama," was not intentional. The baby said this because saw her real mother walk by on the set and the crew decided to keep it as it gave the scene more drama.

    • In July 2013, AMC created a promo that featured a voiceover of Bryan Cranston reciting the poem that shares the title with this episode.

    • Writer Moira Walley-Beckett requested to work with Rian Johnson again because of their previous experience working together on the third season episode "Fly". Notably, "Fly" was one of the most controversial episodes because of it's seemingly "filler" nature. Before coming back to Breaking Bad, Rian Johnson wrote and directed "Looper" which has received good reviews. 

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    • RobertBreen Sep 19, 2013

      people are quick to ridicule walt for his villainous actions and are wishing for death upon a character that has been developed over six years due to this episode, people need reminding at the start of the episode walt is willing to give up all of his money to save his brother in law from certain death, his phone call to skyler clears her of any willingness to his unlawful activity and he returns baby holly afyer realising the mistakehe made in taking her in the first place, his rreaction to jessie and revealing the truth about janes death was totally justified in the fact jessie had just tried to entrap him, feeling betrayed walters actions toward jessie were correct. one of the best if not best episode I have seen of breaking bad this show deserves all of its glory and I will be devastated when it enda just needed to air my views on Walter white first though.

    • jigsawfan Sep 20, 2013

      I've been in Walt's corner the entire series. And despite everything you've said, I'm not so sure I'm on his side anymore. I think I've switched over to rooting for Pinkman.

    • RobertBreen Sep 21, 2013

      dont get me wrong i also love jessie, he's been the shows punching bag since day one and is probably the only one who deserves a happy ending...i'm just not ready to abandon walt yet, its called breaking bad and thats exactly what has happened...he has broke bad, made all the wrong decisions in what he thought was right and now its all finally collapsing in on him...maybe to please everyone we need a sopranos style cut-to black he dead?? is he alive?? although that will drive me crazy lets just see what the show has in store over the next two weeks.

    • patsully Sep 16, 2013

      Finished the episode? Take a moment to re-watch this July Breaking Bad promo where Bryan Cranston reads "Ozymandius"...

    • patsully Sep 16, 2013

      Anna Gunn was amazing tonight. If you hated Skyler at some point, remember this episode.

    • StephenKos Sep 15, 2013

      is this the series finale ??

    • RyanMassie Sep 15, 2013

      no. there are 2 more episodes after this.

    • patsully Sep 13, 2013

      Rian Johnson (Looper, The Brothers Bloom, Brick) is directing this episode. It's the third Breaking Bad episode he's directed. Time to pick your favorite...


    • patsully Sep 13, 2013

      In case you're forgetting, "Fly" is the show's famous, if controversial "bottle episode."

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