Brian Jacques' Redwall

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Quotes (64)

  • Father Abbot: It is true that Martin was a great warrior, but that was a different time so very long ago.

  • Matthais: (Looking at the Tapestry) Who are you, really?

  • Shadow: Too late mouse, Martin is with Cluny now.

  • Basil: (after hearing a rat swear) Language, tsk tsk. If your mother could hear you.

  • Basil: (jumps in front of rat centries) Hello, stinkers!

  • Basil: (sneaks up behind Scragg) Your not so good at this are you Scraggypants?

  • Cluny: I'll toss out the hostiges! Matthias: You mean these hostiges? [The Vole family teases Cluny]

  • Matthias: What's a smodeus?

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Notes (46)

  • Matthias's past was not in the book, however Nelvana believed it to be better if they added a back story for Matthias.

  • The scene were Cheesetheif murders his rival Scragg was edited out of the animated version.

  • Cheesetheif is told by Cluny about Chickenhound and Sella, but in the novel he already knew about them.

  • It is revealed in the novel that King Bull Sparra drowned in the lake, this was not revealed in the animated version, nor did they mention him after Matthias and the Sparra fell from the roof.

  • Redtooth's death happens a little too late, and is completely changed from the book version.

  • WildIvy and the travelling circus was a creation by Nelvana and never appeared in the book.

  • Old Methusulah died too early.

  • This is one of 2 episodes that never happened in the Redwall book.

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Trivia (28)

  • It is revealed that Myrtle whom is Matthias's sister was responsible for bringing him to the abbey. It is also shown that she died from hypothermia at the abbey gates upon arrival.

  • Shadow dies in this episode.

  • First episode of Basil and Asmodeus.

  • Chickenhound only has 3 lines in the entire episode

  • The first and final appearance of King Bull Sparra.

  • The first appearance of Warbeak, and her mother Dunwing.

  • Redtooth died when fired from the catapult.

  • it is stated that Squire gingerver is the descendent of Gingervere greeneyes one of the three wildcats from the novel Mossflower.

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