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    I can tell the end is near, one of the best episodes thus far!

    By SC_Shadow, Dec 17, 2008

    Don't read this if you haven't watched it.

    Michael finally kills Nozzoli and the rat in the Waterfront case along with him! He also gets the picture of Colin and Kath kissing.

    Rose is lonely and ill and sad because all of her friends and family are moving away. She offers Colin her house but he declines.

    Tommy's sister is depressed because she can't have children and Eileen is bedridden due to some random problems with the baby.

    This episode was great with an awesome ending, finally some big drama in this usually more subtle show!

    Declan raided a politician involved in the waterfront's office and the speaker has a heart attack when he hears about it from Declan, thinking he'll go down.

    Awesome episode.moreless

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