Father Unknown

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  • Justin: Are you sure you wanna open that? Nora: Yes. I wanna get it over with. Justin: Oh no. Nora: Positive. Oh my god… oh my god. Justin: What are you gonna do, I mean… How do you even handle this? Nora: I don't know… Is there ever a good time to tell your daughter something like this? Certainly it's not now, not right before her wedding. Justin: Tell… What the hell are you talking about mom? You can't keep something like this from Sarah. Nora: Yes I can, Justin I can. Justin: Well, count me out. Count me out, mom. I told you this before: there is no way can expect me to lie to Sarah's face like this! Nora: Justin please, don't go all wobbly on me now. This is not exactly an easy piece of information for me to digest, but if I can you can. What I am gonna say to Sarah? Guess what honey, surprise! Justin: Surprise? You want a surprise mom? Sarah's about to take you on a Mexican cruise, so you can spend 24 hours a day talking about how much nasty old Brody broke your heart! Nora: What? Justin: Yeah! So how are you gonna look Sarah in the face for three days mom, and not tell her the truth? Nora: When did you know about this cruise? Justin: It doesn't matter when I knew about it mom! Nora: You should have told me! Justin: Mom, you're missing the whole point of this! (Kevin walks in) Kevin: Sorry mom, I didn't know you were here. Nora: Kevin, are you all right? What's wrong? Kevin: I'm fine…

  • Kevin: Hello. Michelle: Hi, it's Michelle… Scotty? Kevin: Ah no, this is Kevin. Michelle: Um Kevin, I'm sorry, I told Scotty I was gonna call him today. Kevin: Well, Scotty isn't here right now, so um… what did you wanna talk about? Michelle: Maybe I should call back. Kevin: No, no, because whatever it is you wanted to say, you can say to me. Where are you? Michelle: I can't tell you that, that is not part of the deal that I made with Scotty. Kevin: You made a deal with Scotty? Would you like to tell what that was? Michelle: I thought he told you. Kevin: No, he didn't. So why don't you tell me, Michelle? Michelle: Scotty and I decided to do what's best for Daniel. I'm his mother, so I need to say involved. Kevin: No, you're not, Michelle. You're our son's gestational surrogate, you're not even genetically related, so there's no deal that will allow you to keep our baby. Michelle: Scotty swore to me that you understood. Kevin: No, what I understand is that is my baby crying, so why don't you tell me where you are before you get into more trouble, that you're already in Michelle!

  • Michelle: I'm so sorry, Scotty. Scotty: You didn't bring Daniel? Michelle: How do you know his name? Please Scotty, tell me that you did not call the police. Scotty: Michelle, did you honestly think we wouldn't try to find you? Michelle: That's why I called you. I know, that what I did was wrong, but I thought if you and I could talk, we could figure out a solution without getting the police involved. But Scotty, I can't bring Daniel unless I know that I can trust you. Scotty: It's pretty presumptuous of you lecturing me about trust. Michelle: I'm so sorry, Scotty. Scotty: Michelle, I believe that you're sorry but… You have to let us see him. Michelle: I can't, I'm afraid you'll have me arrested. Scotty: We won't, I promise. Michelle: Scotty I swear, if you try to take him away, I will disappear again. I am his mother… and he needs me. Scotty: Okay Michelle, don't run away okay? We can work something out. We care about both you and Daniel… and we forgive you. Michelle: You really think that Kevin will understand? Scotty: Of course. We want what's best for Daniel. That's what you want, isn't it? Michelle: I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder anymore? Scotty: No, you're safe.

  • Olivia: Honey, I'm home! Scotty: Where did you learn that? (hugs) I've been waiting for you all day! Olivia: Hi uncle Justin. Justin: What' up dodag? Scotty: Come here, I wanna hear all about your trip. Justin: What've you got there? Olivia: Paige said: if you give someone a rock from where ever you go, it's kinda like the person was there with you. Scotty: That is so sweet, thank you. Olivia: Let's go give Kevin his. Scotty: Ah, he's not home, honey. Justin: Ah, let me see that. This is the one you're gonna give Kevin? Well, this is perfect you know why? 'Cause it looks just like the shape of his head. (the three of them giggles)

  • Kevin and Scotty at their apartment Hey! Jeremy's got the lunch-rush under control, thank god. I don't think I could force a smile for another second. Kevin I told Justin. Scotty Did you make him swear not to tell your family? Kevin Yes Scotty, I think he understands the gravity of the situation. Scotty What did he say? Kevin He said he thought she should be in jail for 20 years, minimum. He also called her a monster. Scotty I don't believe that, she's not an evil person. Kevin, neither of us knows what it's like to carry a baby inside our bodies. Kevin I'm, I'm sorry I can't listen to this. We have a son, Scotty. It says here: father unknown, which is a lie. It also says he's name is Daniel, which is not the name we chose, but Michelle's father's name. Our son doesn't know we excist! What more is it's gonna take 'till you are angry at her? Scotty I am angry. But it doesn't make me feel better to hate her! Kevin I'm sorry. Scotty It's okay... Look Kevin, we've gotta pull it together before Olivia gets home. Kevin I know... I know... I forgot to tell you, she texted me a couple of minutes ago. Scotty Really? I didn't get one from her. Kevin Well check your phone, I'm sure she's written something to you too. "Saw a babydeer... Paige nd I r in the same tent." Scotty I miss her. Kevin So do I. But she's having a great time. Scotty Yeah. Scotty gets a text Kevin What does she say? Scotty Ah, it's not from her. It's from Jeremy: he needs me back downstairs. Kevin Don't worry, I'm sure she's writing you a long text about skunks or something. Scotty Yeah I'll um... I'll send something... from downstairs.

  • Nora calls Justin while he's at Kevin's Justin Hey mom! Nora Hi listen, I didn't get it! Luc came in and I panicked! So you have to go back over there. Justin I can't, I'm busy. Nora Where are you? Justin I'm at Kevin and Scotty's. Kevin signals "I'm not here" to Justin Justin But... they're not here. Nora Then what are you doing? Justin Um... my cabel went out, so I'm watching a hockeygame. Nora Wait a minute. You're too busy watching a hockeygame to help me? Justin Well, it's tied. Nora Justin, get your butt over to your sister's! I have to go to work, I will see you here later this afternoon. Justin Fine mom, fine. I'll see you soon.

  • Scotty, Kevin and Olivia in her room Scotty: Wow. Another masterpiece. Olivia: No it will be like I was sleeping by the campfire, but in my bed. Scotty: Okay well, Olivia, it is bedtime little camper. Kevin walks in Olivia: Kevin! You missed me so much! Kevin: I know, I did. Olivia: Oh, I got you this rock- I know it doesn't sound like a good present but... really it is. Kevin: I will love this forever and call it Herman. Olivia: Herman? That's a weird name. Oh, you know what else is weird? Kevin: What? Puts his hand on Scotty's Olivia: Sometimes when the wind would bloke the campfire smoke, where we were sitting, Cooper said if you close your eyes and say, "I love rabbits, I love rabbits", then the smoke would blow the other away. Kevin's phone rings Olivia: I didn't believe it, but it worked. Kevin: Whaat? Scotty: That's crazy. Kevin: Ooh, speaking of crazy: it's your uncle Justin. Olivia: He said your head looks like a rock. Kevin talks to Justin on the phone Kevin: Did you say my head looks like a rock? You're where? Kevin walks downstairs, leaving Scotty with Olivia Olivia: Can I draw one more picture before bed?

  • Scotty: What is wrong with you? I was setting up a meeting, I was going to get him back. Kevin: Apparently, you've already had a meeting! Why didn't you tell me, you were nagociating with her! Scotty: 'Cause she called me! Kevin: Scotty, he is my son too! Why didn't you tell me! Scotty: Because I knew you would screw it up, like you just did! I thought if I showed her a little understanding, she would bring him back safely, now we may never find him! Kevin: You are absolutely right! Absolutely! So good luck living with that!

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  • Original International Air Dates:
    United Kingdom: Thursday, June 2, 2011 on More4
    Czech Republic: Sunday, March 24, 2013 on Universal Channel

  • From thefutoncritic.com: This airing of ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" beat out the final hour of CBS' original movie, "Beyond the Blackboard," by 46% in Adults 18-49 (1.9/5 vs. 1.3/4). Increasing over the prior week in viewers (+5% - 6.6 million vs. 6.3 million) and young adults (+12% - 1.9/5 vs. 1.7/4), ABC's "Brothers & Sisters" posted its top numbers since the beginning of March - since 3/6/11.

  • Calista Flockhart (Kitty) and Patricia Wettig (Holly) are absent in this episode.