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    Show must continue!

    By DamienFlockhart, Apr 17, 2014

    I love the show very much! It lack of exposure thats it! If it was promoted more everyone will love this show..

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    Great dramatic family show!

    By EbonyDiva75, May 26, 2013

    I am discovering the show on DVD. I didn't watch it when it regularly aired! My main reason for watching the show is Sally Field who is the ISH on this show! I sooo love the Walker family on "Brothers & Sisters!" I haven't been this into a show about a big fictional white family since I was a kid watching the Bradford's on "Eight is Enough". Only on tv can a sidepiece mistress get an upgrade to being a partial business partner-owner of a family biz & be treated somewhat as a part of the family that tolerates her if not fully accepts her. This would not happen in real life for sure! LMAO

    They just don't make shows like this anymore!moreless

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    By brothermurry, Apr 02, 2013

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    About this series

    By JordanWelch, Jan 23, 2013

    This had wonderful acting for Sally Field in season 1.

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    By marievarela, Oct 08, 2012

    Why was the show canceled? I love the show. It is too bad. I think I had watch it over 3 times all of the 5 seasons in Netflix. When the show was canceled it left a lot of questions not answer to the fan. For Example: Did Kittty finally had her child? Did Jason married marika? Does Rebecca comes back? Did Rebecca's mom got over the memory loss?. This is a great show and Robert shouldn't have died on the show because he made the perfect couple with Kitty. Please bring the show back . I miss it so much., I love Nora Walker she is quiet a character. BROTHERS AND SISTERS WAS AND IS A GREAT SHOW. SO PLZ BRING THE SHOW BACK.moreless

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    I want more!

    By Tmcaurinus, Sep 22, 2012

    I just finished watching the last episode, and I greatly enjoyed this series. Yes, sometimes the plot twists are somewhat predictable; for example, when the question of Sarah's paternity comes up and you just know it's going to end up being true--but this is because it's the fifth season, and we've already seen how things tend to favor the dramatic with this family. I fell in love with all the characters but Tommy--he was fairly unlikeable through most of the show, but that just added to the show's premise that life, families, and individuals are never perfect, but they can all still be wonderful if people stand by and support those they love. In fact, this show inspired me to stop being too afraid of rejection to tell my girlfriend that I want to make long-term plans with her. And yes, her reaction was very good. :)moreless

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    why it was cancelled ??????

    By Sofos, Sep 13, 2012

    i just finished watching this series and i have to say it's the best show i ve ever seen. ( so far ) . the show was amazing up until tommy divorced and went to mexico. after that he comes and goes to the show and kitty does the same after a wile. anyway the show is amazing and if anyone loves DRAMA like me , will love this show. to bad it got cancelled.

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    I used to love this wonderful show in its 1st season, but ...

    By Edie70, Jun 14, 2012

    I think the first season was classic. I loved those fights, Rebecca joining the family, seeing Nora as a widow was interesting. But that was the first season of this great show! In its second season there was Danny Glover and I did not like his character. Also there were many storylines I did not enjoy. ABC broadcasts the 3rd season nowadays and I think the show is back on track again!!! There is just one storyline I do not enjoy very much - Kitty/Robert/the whole adoption thing ... and it was a little bit strange at first seeing Justin & Rebecca as a couple. Anyway it is a great show and it fits perfectly behind Desperate Housewives as its led-out.moreless

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    By SheilaWilhoit, Jan 06, 2012

    Are you going bring the show this year? I hope you all no it was good and I like to see more about kitty and scotty and kevin all about all them email me please tell me thanks

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