Brothers & Sisters

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Quotes (894)

  • Paige: Mars is my favorite planet. It reminds me of you, grandpa. William: Why is that? Paige: It is the god of war. He was a warrior. William: That's me all right.

  • Nora: I think you should take that job if you want it. Kitty: I think I do. Nora: We fight. We...fight! It's not the end of the world. Just come home.

  • William (to Kitty): We're here all together, and I must announce with some depredation, you're no longer grounded. Justin: When she was fourteen, she was grounded indefinitely. Jonathan: What for? Kitty: Oh, it had something to do with cigarettes and surf wax. Tommy: ...And shoplifting and a boy named Pablo.

  • Justin: Hey, can I ask you a question? Tommy: The answer is no, you can't borrow my surfboard, no, I don't have any money to lend you and yes, girls still think you're cute. I'm kidding.

  • Kitty (to Nora): Tommy and dad think the same things I do, and you've managed to reconcile forty years of loving somebody who fundamentally disagrees with you. But you can't love me. And I don't know what it's about.

  • Sarah: How is it that everyone in this town knows you? William: Well, I've been around long enough.

  • Kitty (after finding a ring in her drink): Jonathan! Jonathan: Of course I didn't want you. Of course I didn't make it appealing. But I think maybe there's a better job. Stay in New York. Start a family with me.

  • Kitty: You know it's just that I've seen the show, and for me, politics is not about show business. It's... I'm very passionate about my views. White Peyton: What makes you think we don't want that? Kitty: Well, the fact is that radio... it works for me, I get to meld off, and then I go to the movies, and I'm not out there. White: Yeah, in another words, you can hide in satellite radio. Peak out, just enough to not make a difference.

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Notes (363)

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic - Patriarchát (Patriarchy)

  • Music: Running by Eliane Elias (played as Calista's character was running on the beach) Be Your Love by Rachel Yamagata (when Sarah is sitting in the car crying) Under the Weather by KT Tunstall (the song at the end)

  • Ron Rifkin, Patricia Wettig and Balthazar Getty all had roles on Alias. Ken Olin, executive producer of Brothers & Sisters as well as director of this episode, was also a director and producer of Alias.

  • It's not the first time Josh Hopkins and Calista Flockhart are on a show together. They both appeared in the fifth season of Ally McBeal.

  • Tom Skerritt and Matthew Settle are credited as special guest stars.

  • International Episode Titles: Czech Republic - Poslední vůle (Last Will)

  • Music: On the Radio by Andy Stochansky (when Sarah and Noah are having a drink) Everything'll Be Alright by Joshua Radin (while Kitty and Kevin are sitting on the motel beds) Throw Me a Rope by KT Tunstall (during the funeral) Heart of the Matter a Don Henley cover by India Arie(at the end of the episode)

  • Ron Rifkin and Patricia Wettig have worked with each other before; they had a storyline together in the third season of Alias.

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Trivia (119)

  • Kitty March is 30 years old.

  • Kitty Walker is 38 years old.

  • The registration number of Justin's car is 3PCI371.

  • It's only after Holly has given Nora and Saul a full tour of the house that they tell her Nora is William's widow and that they are assessing his assets. Wouldn't they have to explain that before? It just seems weird that Holly would let them visit her house without knowing what's the goal (plus, she's not supposed to know Saul).

  • In this episode, Kitty states that Canada sent troops to Vietnam. The commentator then tells Kitty that she is mistaken. The moderator is then asked to resolve the argument because his parents live in Montreal, and he states that while Canadians served in the U.S. armed forces in Vietnam, Canada did not send any troops. Technically what the moderator said was incorrect because Canada did eventually send troops, but only after the U.S. had departed. In 1973, "Operation Gallant" had Canada sending peacemaking troops to Vietnam as part of the International Commission of Control and Supervision (ICCS) Vietnam.

  • Scotty Wandell's e-mail address is

  • Sara: How do I say "I told you so" in French? Kitty replies (in French) Baisez ma derrière which translates to: kiss my ass.

  • Thomas knew that he was sterile.

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Allusions (54)

  • Kitty: They're so Ron and Nancy. Kitty is referring to former US President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy whose romantic relationship was very known to the American public (i.e. leaving each other love notes).

  • Lefty: Slang type term for liberal political viewpoints. The opposite of "righty" or conservative.

  • Salesman: It's like Sophie's Choice in here. The 1982 movie Sophie's Choice stars Meryl Streep as Sophie, a mother who is forced by the Nazi's to choose which of her children will live and which of them will die immediately.

  • Thirtysomething Inches: The name of the pornographic movie Kevin mentions references the title of the hit TV show "thirtysomething" which starred both "Brothers & Sisters" series producer Ken Olin and co-star Patricia Wettig who plays Holly Harper. The two are also married in real life.

  • Kitty: What is this, Fiddler on the Roof? Fiddler on the Roof is a musical and movie about a Jewish man in progrom Russia trying to marry off his 5 daughters.

  • Kitty: Canelés! Sarah: Can-what?
    Canelés are a sweet specialty from Bordeaux, a city in France. They can be spelled canelés or canelets.

  • Kitty mentions Al Gore’s movie An inconvenient truth in this episode.

  • Sarah: What I remember about Ojai were the boys, and the sunsets and this old chair on the porch where I read Jayne Eyre. Oh, and I lost my virginity there too. Jane Eyre is a classic novel by Charlotte Brontë. It was published in 1847 by Smith, Elder & Company, London, and is one of the most famous British novels.

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